Friday, October 07, 2005

This is my home...and this is my home.

I start to feel very cooped up if I spend too much time indoors so I love to be outside. These are pictures of two of my favotite places. One is of the beach on Coronado Island in California and the other is of the peaks of Mount Timpanogos in Orem, Utah. These places and many others recharge my sould and make me feel close to heaven.

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  1. You can love your mountain but you are only allowed to go back to visit. What would I do without you here in SD with me? Who would I would I be able to text message at 5am and cancel our gym bonding time??? I know you aren't thinking of going back to Utah...but just in case I thought I should put my foot down. :)I am so glad you are here in SD!!!