Monday, December 18, 2006

Break Time

I just finished my finals last Thursday and I meant to update my blog over the weekend but, naturally, I got really sick as soon as finals were done. I spent most of the weekend in bed with bronchitis and the rest of it Christmas shopping. I'm done with school until the end of January and I'm so glad to have a break. I really have to try to maximize my time during this break because next semester I will be taking 15 credits, working full time and getting married. It's pretty much suicide for my social life.
Speaking of wedding, I'm so excited. We set the date for March 3rd and we're doing it here in San Diego. I just booked the caterer like 5 minutes ago and they gave me a really good deal. It's a little Hawaiian BBQ restaraunt in my neightborhood and they're doing 100 guests for less than $700. The next thing I need to get is a photographer but it's so expensive. I want someone who can do pictures and a wedding DVD. Kell, I think you should come all the way to San Diego, pay for your own hotel room and food, follow me around for the entire weekend and take all the pictures and do a DVD for me for free. Come on, it will be fun. I'm just kidding of course. I will pay you $30.00 and you can sleep on my couch with my dog.
Winter in my neighborhood is so different. There's not a lot of people around and it's cloudy a lot of the time. I actually miss the tourists. It has been nice too, though because without all the extra people, I'm starting to get to know my neighbors better. I see all the same people in the morning when I'm out for my run and they all recognize me and say hello. It's a nice homey feeling. I wish my apartment wasn't so small so I could live there forever. As it is, I'll have to be moving right around March 3rd.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's About Time!!!!

Maybe I spoke too soon. I got proposed to on Friday night! It was so fun! We had a big bonfire at the beach with some of our friends. We do it all the time so I wasn't expecting a proposal at all. The sky was very clear and the water was very calm so the lights from the city were reflecting on the water. it was a really pretty night. It was about 10:00 pm and the fire was starting to die down a little. I said, "I'm cold."

Gabe: "Do you need some mittens?"

Me: "No. I'm okay."

Gabe: "Well, How about a ring?" Then he kneeled down in front of me.

Me: "Right now!?"

Gabe: "Yeah."

Our Friend Meg: "Right now!?"

Gabe (exasperated): "YES! Please say you'll be my wife."

Me: "Yes, of course I will."

We had just a minute to hug and kiss before the other girls came over with a flashlight to inspect the ring. It was very romantic and very sweet. My boyfirend's so cute! Excuse me, my FIANCE!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I love the Holidays. I hate the cold though so San Diego suits me well. It's been cold here at night, in the 40s and I don't have a heater in my house. In the mornings it's so hard to get out of bed and put my feet on the cold floor. The picture above is Lexi staying in bed while I get ready in the morning. I covered her up with a Snow Man blanket because she was shivering. I need to buy a space heater.

So, what's new with me? I went to my sister's for Thanksgiving and it was way fun.

Gabe and I bought the my nephew one of thos big green ballons that you tie the rubber band to the end and then you can punch it and it comes back to you. It turned out to be the best time I've ever had for $0.98. He was hitting all of us with it and chasing everyone around.

I've been expecting a proposal from Gabe since he bought the ring a couple months ago but I haven't gotten one yet. I don't know what's taking him so long. He's had lots of opportunites and I thought Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect because my family was all together and it was my birthday. I even encouraged him to hold my sister's baby because she's so cute and me and Gabe both want kids but still...nothin'. Maybe he's changed his mind and he doesn't want to get married after all. We'll see how this weekend goes. Do you ever wish you could read people's minds? I'm usually glad I can't but once in a while it would be nice.

Overall I had a great holiday and it was nice for the kids to be able to see their grandpa who they love.

Kell, your story of your dad totally reminded me of my dad. He's up for anything. He sings sometimes with a classic rock band here in San Diego and he's awesome. He even won 2nd place in a big Karaoke contest down here that the local clubs do for charity. He sang Marshall Tucker's "Can't You See" and he did so good. I wish some of that had rubbed off on me. I've been playing the guitar for over 10 years but I get so nervous when people watch me that I feel like I have all thumbs. I can really only play well when I'm alone so as far as the public is concerned I can barely play at all. I'm a great public speaker but for some reason music stuff makes me really nervous. I can only sing in the shower. I really admire people that can get over their stage fright and rock the house.

I'll post again next week, when finals are over. Wish me luck and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry Mark!

Mark brought to my attention that I haven't posted anything in a while. I'm sorry but sometimes my life feels so uninteresting. So, what's new with me? Me and Gabe went out of town for the weekend. It was really nice. We went up to Southern Utah and visited some friends and then spent Sunday in Vegas. We just visited all the hotels and hit the tourist spots. A lot of people say, "I don't like Vegas because I'm not much of a gambler." To them I say, then you haven't tried Vegas. It's so fun there. We went to the Ferrarri museum in the Wynn, the the mall with the ceiling that looks like the sky outside at the Venetian, we watched the volcano blow up at the Mirage, I bought a cow gril hat with shells on it and Gabe bought a sweatshirt that said: CSI Las Vegas. It was way fun and a much needed break. My best friend, Jen came down and met us for dinner and we had an awesome buffet. They had great crab legs there.

I love food which brings us to an interesting point. I'm an average sized girl. I'm not very fat but I'm not very skinny either. I have noticed lately that people keep commenting on my eating habits. A vendor brought us lunch at our office last week. She brought pasta, bread sticks, salad, pizza and chicken. It was a lot of food so I just took some pasta and bread and started eating. She kept insisting that I eat some salad or chicken and I kept politely declining. She got kind of mad and gave me this dirty look while saying, "You don't need all those carbohydrates. You need to eat some protein." What the freak??? Then, a few days later, I was talking to my boss and I mentioned that I'm a picky eater and he said, "You're not picky. You're always shoving something in your face!" What the freak??? I eat twice a day at the office. Almost always yogurt for breakfast and soup for lunch. I showed one of my coworkers a picture of me as a baby. I was FAT and my legs had creases in them like sausage links. She said, "Oh, you were so cute. Your legs look just the same now." She wasn't kidding or if she was it really didn't seem like it. What the freak??? My legs aren't shapely but there are no creases in them. These aren't the only comments I've gotten. I don't get it. It seems so rude to me that other people who aren't my spouse or my mom would comment on my eating habits or weight. Am I just being sensitive or does this seem way off base? Here is a current picture of me so you can make a fair assesment. Pretty average right? I don't think I'm one of those really fat people that shoves buckets of food into their mouths at restaurants and grosses everyone out. So, what's with all the comments? I think this is sort of like Kell's problem where people keep asking her and her friends why they're still single. Kell, me and you need to practice saying with force, "None of your business!"

Never mind about the pictures. This stupid thing won't let me download pictures today. If you forgot what I look like, refer back to "Lost in AZ." There's a picture there.

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Kind of Personal Ad

I found this article on Yahoo news. These are the only personal ads i've ever found interesting. I'd never respond to them but I'd love to read them every week and i bet I could write a few good ones too.

Love is strange: Wait till you see my feet
By Paul Casciato Fri Nov 3, 10:46 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - If your romantic fancy leans towards serial embezzlers, self-harming flautists or beardy physicists known as Naughty Lola then you should advertise for a mate in Europe's biggest-selling literary review magazine.
The venerable London Review of Books has published a compendium of the weirdest and funniest advertisements from the eccentric readers who write to its personals column seeking love, sex or simply correspondence with like-minded people.
Long seen as cold fish compared to the torrid Latin lovers of Italy and France, the book, titled "They Call Me Naughty Lola", shows that Britons are not all stiff-upper lip with this collection from the world's strangest lonely hearts section.
"Woman, 32, needful of the finer things in life seeks stinking rich bloke, 80-100," one ad says. "Must be willing to fibrillate his ventricles when he becomes tiresome or bankrupt or both. Also interesting thirtysomethings for illicit, immoral affair to be conducted concurrently with the above."
In a big departure from other personal ads with their coded GSOH (good sense of humour) and promises of good looks and fun, Review readers flaunt their foibles and parade their oddities in a mild-mannered display of that special British madness.
"Medication free after all these years!," says another, apparently from a psychiatric ward. "Join me (anxious, overweight, self-harming flautist, F, 34) for congratulatory drink (or seven) in side ward of nation's finest."
In their search for a soul-mate, men trumpet their flatulence, baldness and kleptomaniac tendencies, sometimes with alarming frankness.
"Bald, short, fat and ugly male, 53 seeks short-sighted woman with tremendous sexual appetite."
One offers to make yours a truly family Christmas.
"Obnoxious, drunkard uncle for hire (62). Belches the national anthem in three octaves, scratches inappropriately and is seemingly never satisfied by your very best efforts. Is dinner ready yet - and if not, why not? December will be magic again at Box no. 5610."
The personals column is the creation of London Review of Books advertising director David Rose (M, 32, married) who also edited "They Call Me Naughty Lola".
Surrounded by a colourful mix of contributors, subscribers and London eccentrics at a party to launch the book, Rose said he started the personals column in 1998, imagining a genuine lonely hearts section for the sensitive and erudite.
Then his first submission arrived.
"67-year-old disaffiliated flaneur picking my toothless way through the urban sprawl, self-destructive, sliding towards pathos, jacked up on Viagra and on the lookout for a contortionist who plays the trumpet."
Rose held out for serious submissions but to no avail. Eventually he succumbed to the column becoming a notice board for the strange, hilarious and downright bizarre.
"It became very clear very quickly that it was going to be very silly," he told Reuters in an interview at the book launch.
He suspects that many ads are written for laughs, but has had calls from indignant advertisers, angry because they've paid 80 pence ($1.53) a word and haven't received a single response.
"And I'm like that's because you spent the whole time talking about your mother and your wooden leg," he said.
Taken together, the ads provide a curious kaleidoscopic view of Britain, its capital and the unusual lives of its denizens.
One commuter desperately seeking someone writes:
"You were reading the BBC in-house magazine on the Jubilee Line (12 November). I was coughing hot tea through my nostrils. Surely you can't have forgotten? Write now to smitten, weak-kneed, severely burnt, bumbling F (32, but normally I look younger). I'll be quite a catch when my top lip has healed. And this brace isn't forever."
The ads have resulted in marriages, children, at least one divorce and countless liaisons.
But love among the literati can also be elusive.
Susan Wolfe, (F, 60, but looks much younger) says she wrote an "embarrassing number of ads", but has now stopped.
So far she's had responses from a serial killer in a U.S. prison, an "infection-free" pensioner and a date with a cross-dresser who took her shopping to find himself a gold lame miniskirt and a union jack thong before lunch at a rundown Chinese restaurant on her 60th birthday.
"I lost my sense of humour," she said.

Wedding Preparation

Gabe and I have been taking a dance class so we can look good together at our wedding. I filmed some of it, check it out...

It takes a minute to download, but believe me, it's worth it!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 Things Tag

I've been tagged. Thanks Mark. I actually think these things are fun.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. I would get married and go on a honeymoon.

2. Buy ocean front property for me and my mom and dad. (There goes my million dollars and then some.)

3. Start a no-kill animal shelter.

4. Set up an education fund for my future babies.

5. Hire a personal trainer.

5 bad habits:

1. Making a plan for everything.

2. Speaking before I think/ Giving my opinion, unsolicited.

3. Taking my horoscope seriously and making decisions based on it.

4. I never make my bed.

5. Eating out because I hate to cook.

5 things I hate doing:

1. Cleaning the bathroom.

2. Being alone for too long.

3. Staying indoors.

4. Discussing politics with my brother or my dad. But I feel compelled to do it because I'm over-opinionated.

5. Being wrong.

5 things I would never do:

1. Have a one-night stand.

2. Hit my mom.

3. Heroine.

4. Purposefully hurt an animal.

5. Drink and drive.

I'm up for pretty much anything else, depending on the situation. Never say never.

5 things I regret doing:

1. Being cruel to a couple of the "not cool" kids in grade school. I wish I could find them and apolagize.

2. Taking so long to graduate from college.

3. Getting fat. Even when you get thin again, your body's never the same.

4. Having poor eating habits. Cheap Mexican food is not a food group.

5. Not taking a honeymoon the first time I got married.

5 favorite things:

1. Ocean, mountains, lake; Being outside.

2. My family and friends.

3. My dog, Lexi.

4. The Atonement. What a life-saver!

5. My beach cruiser.

5 people I choose to do this: So who would I like to see give me five.....

1. Kell

2. Logan

3. Nickel

4. Jen

5. Any one else who reads my blog.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Freaks Come Out At BINGO


My brother, J.D. turned 18 this weekend and he was dying to do something that he wasn't previously entitled to. Since I'm not really one for strip clubs (as aforementioned, See 24 Houre Tease) I decided to take him to one of the casinos around here. I am not at all lucky when gambling so, rather than waste $20 in 5 minutes on a penny slot, we wasted $12 for 3 hours of BINGO. This was not my first time at the BINGO pavillion. I actually love to go play so I felt right at home. I showed J.D. how to set up his cards and check all the numbers quickly. We picked out a plethera of multi colored daubers and went to work. The first game was like a warm up round and the pavillion was silent in concentration, accept the caller with his radio D.J. voice. As soon as the first 80 year old yelled BINGO however, that was all over. The entire pavaillion let out a loud, "Come on!" in unison, everyone disappointed that the game had ended when they were so close. I had warned J.D. ahead of time that these ladies get a little heated and not to cross them. We had been laughing all the way to the casino about my stories of grandmas shushing me and looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't too close to winning. Since he had been warned that his chances were very slim and he probably wouldn't win, I was surprised when, after that first uttered, "BINGO!" he let out a not so quiet, "Son of a B*$#h!" The tiny Vietnemese woment sitting across from us started chuckling and reassured him he would do better next time. J.D. was so funny! He got so into the game. Each time some not-so-sweet old woman cried BINGO he would utter his disapproval, throw the losing card away and stoically prepare himself for the next game. This preparation consisted of gripping his dauber with white knuckles, trash-talking the most recent winner and then saying something like, "I better win the next one or else!" At one point, I stopped to check my cell phone in the middle of a game and he reprimanded me, "Tie, pay attention!" When the game was finally over, and neither he nor I had won any money, the Vietnemese ladies, who had a huge crush on him by this time, asked him, "You come next time?" To which he answered, "Yeah, I'll be back, but I better win." It's these entertaining moments with the BINGO fanatics that make it totally worth $12 to sit in a crowded pavillion for 3 hours. It's so much fun and I'm thrilled that my brother turned out to be a BINGO freak. I'm guaranteed a good time as long as I go with him.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I Wanna Rock and Roll

How is everyone? I'm so busy with school and work right now, it's ridiculous. I'm really feeling the need to just do something fun. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a 30 min bike ride is the funnest thing I've done all week. I'm so glad the weekend's here. This weekend I'm going to try to do fun things and homework at the same time. I'm going to go down and lay out at the beach while I do my reading at the same time. I just keep telling myself that someday I'll graduate and this will all be worth it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How to Hug a Baby


Instructions for properly hugging a baby.
1. First, spy a baby.

2. Second, be sure that the object you spied was indeed a baby by employing classic sniffing techniques. If you smell baby powder and the wonderful aroma of wet diapers this is indeed
a baby.

3. Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process. **Note: The added slobber should help in future steps by making the "paw slide" easier.

4. The "paw slide" - Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close - up

5. Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented "hug, smile, and lean" so as to achieve the best photo quality

Dogs, if this is properly done, it will secure you a warm, dry, climate-controlled environment for therest of your life. Good luck to all of you!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Day at the Races

The horse races are in town right now at the Del Mar Race track and me and my brother, Dallas went to them on Saturday. It was really fun. I've never been to the races before so I had no idea how the betting worked. Dallas had to show me everything. I bet $20 for the whole day which consitst of a series of 10 races. I was betting $3 a race at the beginning. You can bet on who will place, who will win, who will lose... it gets really complicated. For fun, me and Dall covered up the odds and picked a horse to win each race based on the horse's name. By race 9 I had lost all of my money and was down to my last $2 which I had on a horse...and I won!! $7.40. The 10th race had my favorite horse of the day in it, Popcicle Gal and she was picked to win. I bet all $9.40 on her and stood with baited breath as the gates shot open and the horses lunged forward. It was a flurry of churning legs and flying turf and trotting along, at a leisurly pace, at the very back was Popcicle Gal. I lost everything! It was devistating!! It's probably for the best though because If I had won hundreds of dollars, anything I spent the money on would've turned into a pillar of salt as soon as I got it home because it was purchased with filthy lucre. The day wasn't a complete wash. For around $40 I got a whole day of entertainment, some good food and we saw a free Jimmy Eat World concert at the end that was REALLY good. They're one of my favorite bands so that was great. If any of you are ever in town in the Summer, I denitely recommend the races. Even if you don't want to bet, it's still fun to be out with all the people and witness the excitement "where the surf meets the turf, down at old Del Mar."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to School

I am starting my Fall semester of college tomorrow. I will be going to school full time and maintaining my full time job. I'm trying to graduate next year so I'm taking 12 credits this semester. I'm a Literature major and these are my 4 classes:

Folklore and Mythology
Studies in Shakespeare
American Politics
American Society (Psychology)

I'm gonna be sooooo busy with homework that I'm sure I'll have no social life by the end of the semester. By the time Christmas comes my boyfriend will be married to someone else and my parents will have already had a memorial service for their long lost daughter. Truthfully, I love school and I always have. That's why I've been in college pretty much full time since I was 16. I think I've finally picked a major and I'm excited to get my first Bachelor's degree next year. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Millionaire

Being a resident of the US of A I am acutely aware that there are so many gajillionaires that live here. It is baffling to me how these people managed to accrue so much money. How did they do it? You read there personal histories and it always starts with them getting lucky. Warren Buffet took his $24,000 inheritance and sunk it into one stock that took off and made him wealthy. I should be so lucky. That kind of thing would never happen to me. Even $1 million is such and abstract number to me I can't even fathom what I would do with that kind of money. $1 million is like chump change tho these big business tycoons. The wouldn't even notice if they spent that much money. Which brings me to the point of this blog. I don't think it's too much to ask for just one American gajillionaire to give me $1 million measely dollars. Here's a little shout out to Oprah, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, etc. Just one million guys, come on. If you split it between you it's like a trip to the grocery store for you. I promise I won't squander the money, I'll use it to buy a house and food and stuff.

There's only one small problem with this scheme: No one reads my blog. Certainly not the countries top gajillioaires. A lot of people read Mark's blog and I honestly have no idea how all of his readers found out about him. Mark, I would like you to use you obviously adequate netwroking skills to attract the countries gajillionaires to my blog. Thank you in advance and please, no foreign gajillionaires. I don't want to go through the hassle of overseas banking.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Tagged: I'm It

Kell tagged me to answer the following questions about books in my life... So here goes:

ONE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: I'm a Literature major in college so this category has a vast expanse for me. I'm a devout Mormon so obviously the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how the principles taught way back when can still apply to our lives today.

ONE BOOK THAT I'VE READ MORE THAN ONCE: "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. Hands down my favorite book. It's so poetic and poignant a story about how we all just go on even when life sucks. My aunt sent this to me when I was going through my divorce. On the inside cover she wrote, "Dear Tie, May life's journey bring you once again to the well of love from which you sprang." Beautiful words, beautiful story, beautiful book.

ONE BOOK I WOULD WANT ON A DESERT ISLAND: Coffee table books. Specifically the Time Life series. They're like a photographic history. I can stay entertained with them forever.

ONE BOOK THAT MADE ME LAUGH: Recently, "Bare Necessity" by Carol Matthews. The author's Brittish dry sense of humor cracked me up!

ONE BOOK THAT MADE ME CRY: "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls. Little Ann and Old Dan break my heart to this day. I really miss those dogs. I could cry right now.

ONE BOOK I WISH HAD BEEN WRITTEN: A book about the adavantages of waiting until 30 to get married. This should be in textbook form and taught to high school students as part of their cirriculum.

ONE BOOK I WISH HAD NEVER BEEN WRITTEN: All of the "The Cat Who..." books by Lilian Jackson Braun. STUPID! Pseudo-murder mysteries written from the point of view of a cat...kinda. I can't explain it except to say that I've weeded my way through two of them because they come so highly recommended and they totally SUCK! A complete waste of my time.

ONE BOOK I'M CURRENTLY READING: "Hawaii" by James A. Michener. My mom gave me this book and it was given to her mother by one of her aunts many years ago. With the history of the book, I loved it before I started reading it but the story inside is epich. It is a history of the Hawaiian Islands told through the lives of fictional characters. The writing is vivid and beautiful. It's a really long book but it's okay because I don't really want it to end.

ONE BOOK I'VE BEEN MEANING TO READ: "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger. I want to read it before I see the movie. I just bought it off for $2.50 and I'll start it this week.

NOW TAG 5 PEOPLE: I don't think 6 people even read my blog so... whoever reads this is tagged... I know who you are!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pilot's Dilemma

You are a South African bush pilot. You fly in some critical medical supplies, enjoy a quick lunch at the hospital. It's a stifling 100 degrees in the shade and you're eager to get back up to the cool, high blue yonder. On the way back to your plane, you discover that the only bit of shade, within 10 miles, has become very popular . . . You start calculating the distance to the plane door . and wonder . . .

"Do I feel lucky today?"

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Team Work

Have you seen these stories? Amazing...

A mouse rides on the back of a frog in floodwaters in the northern Indian city Lucknow June 30, 2006. REUTERS/Pawan Kumar (INDIA)

This baby hippo adopted this male giant tortise as her mother after her own was swept away in the tsunami. They eat, sleep, swim and snuggle together.


I'm not sure if I'm just being prudish or if this is really an offensive concept. Strip tease aerobics... This first came out that I heard of a couple of years ago when Carmen Electra did these DVDs for MTV where she does a strip tease aerobic work out. I've never watched it but I know some girls who have tried it and they said it was really fun. I didn't think it was a good work out for me but if my friends wanted to try it out from the privacy of their own homes, more power to them. I recently joined a local gym and they are offering an aerobics class called 24Tease. This is the description they gave of it, "Jeff Costa, creator of Cardio Striptease introduces 24Tease, an electrifying 30-minute striptease aerobics workout exclusively at 24 Hour Fitness! 24Tease provides a safe environment for members to get in touch with their inner stripper, while taking off pounds, extra clothing and even some inhibitions to reveal a healthier body and stronger self-esteem. 24Tease is low-impact contemporary movement that makes you sweat and feel good." Take off pounds and EXTRA CLOTHING AND INHABITIONS?! I don't know about you guys but I don't really have any extra clothing on when I go to the gym. I thought that losing your inhabition is something you do at the bar, not at the gym. I get this mental picture of a dozen or so women bounding around in their underwear and my heart sinks. What is the world coming to where stripping is a glorified and emulated occupation? It just blows my mind. Maybe I'm no fun but I think sex should be a private affair and has no place at the gym. I know a lot of people are there to attract romantic prospects but it just seems wrong to me to be actually stripping in front of these people. Needless to say I will not be attending the class. I'm not sure if I have strong moral fiber or if I'm just being close minded and self-righteous but I can't bring myself to strip with a bunch of strangers.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Dog Days of Summer

I love the summer time. Summer is by far my favorite season. When I was a little kid, we always made a BIG deal out of summer. I would go over to my grandma's house and play with all my cousins and the days would last forever. We use to put a sprinkler under the swing set or the trampoline and play all day. My mom was very accomodating of us kids and we had very few rules we had to follow. We could go through the day with lawless, reckless abandon and we had so much fun. There was a grocery store near our house that some of the older kids would go to to get treats but the younger kids couldn't because there was a very busy road we had to cross to get there. Me and my friend Brent got an entrepeneurial spirit and decided to start our own candy store in the front yard for the neighborhood kids. My mom would get up in the morning and take us over to the grocery store where we would stock up on all kinds of goodies, then we would come back and sell them to the other kids at a $.10 mark up. Our candy store was called Cheap Jeepers and we actually made quite a profit. It all got sunk back into the business though because as much candy as we could buy, those kids would eat. We ran out every day and the next day my mom would load us up in the car and help us do it all over again. In the evenings, we would play "night games" which consits of games like hide-and-seek, kick-the-can, ollie-ollie-over, capture-the-flag etc. We would stay out long after dark and my mom would have come walk around the neighborhood and call our names to find us but she never got mad. She'd just drag us home, throw us in the tub and into bed.

As an adult, I still love summer. There is no difference in my day to day routine between summer and winter because I still get up early, go to work, take care of the dog...but there's just something wonderful about the days getting so long. It makes it feel like there's more hours in the day and therefore, more time for fun. I stay up way too late all summer and Gabe and my brothers and I ride our bikes all around the town until 10 or 11 at night. I also love watching all the tourists that are here for their summer vacations. I go into the grocery store to get a weeks worth of food and there's always a gaggle of girls in there wearing nothing but bikinis and flipflops, buying booze and watermelon. Even though I have to go to work the next day, I get to live vicariously through them. I love to sit out on my porch all night and listen to the neighbors laughing and music. The babies on the beach are so cute when their diapers get weighed down by water and there little bums are poking out. I think even when I'm very old, I'll be a wrinkly, leathery bum, still sitting on the sand and people watching.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wired...And Not in a Good Way

I am completely exhausted. I had to help my mom and dad move this week and we moved our office this week. All of this started Thursday afternoon. My family should be moved by tomorrow but I won't be done moving the office until Monday. I'm so tired that I can't even sleep. Do you know what I mean? I've expended so much energy the past couple of days that it feels like even unwinding and closing my eyes is too much for me. Hence the updating of my blog at 2am. And I'm not even done yet...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Last Man on Earth

I saw this picutre on MSn "Animal Tracks." I feel so bad for this poor turtle. Here he is, a million years old and all alone. I just want to bring him home and let him watch Animal Planet all day or whatever it is that a turtle would like to do. It's these kinds of stories that make me enough of an environmentalist for my staunch Republican family to refer to me as the "bleeding heart liberal." Here's the story:

So lonely... : "Solitario George" (Lonely George), the last known alive giant tortoise of this species, native from the Pinta Island, is seen at the Galapagos National Park on Santa Cruz Island. For 40 years, the authorities of the park have been offering 10,000 US dollars to whomever finds a female for "Solitario George." (AFP/Rodrigo Buendia)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Things That Go Bump in the Night

One common thread running strongly through all the members of my family is that we're all strange sleepers. I have walked and talked in my sleep all my life and I have CRAZY dreams. When we were young and shared a room, my sister and I would hold full fledged conversations, even arguments in our sleep. My parents finally put us in separate rooms so everyone else in the house could get some sleep. Even our dogs have dreams and whine and pretend to run in their sleep. Now that I'm a grown up and I live alone, I don't hear the stories about my sleeping mishaps but I have a couple good recent ones about my fam. The other night J.D. was asleep and he was having a dream that he was telekinetic and he was practicing his newfound skill by moving objects around with his mind. When he woke up, his bedroom was completely destroyed. He had turned everything over and moved everything around. He is either really telekinetic or he got up in his sleep and tore apart his room. (Obviously, the latter is the one I'm putting money on.) J.D. has wanted to be a superhero since he was a little boy so I'm sure he's hoping for the real life telekenesis aspect. Most of my family members have vivid dreams and when we wake up, we have a hard time shaking the feeling accompanying the dream ie: anger, sadness, hapiness. My mom had a dream last night that she and I had an argument and she emaild me the description this morning, demanding an apology. Here's her description: "I can't really remember. I only remember that we were in your car. I had just done a favor for you (I cant remember what) and we were leaving Taco Bell. I wanted you to take me straight to work but you said no and if I wanted to go to work I would have to walk from your house. I jumped out of the car but held onto the seatbelt and stretched it out about 20 yards while running in the other direction. You stopped the car and got out and started yelling at me for stretching out your seatbelt. So I started wrapping the seatbelt around you. Next thing I know, I am in this house (I've never seen before) and I telling your dad how mad I am at you and I can see you walking out the front door of the house. Your dad is telling me not to worry and he will take me to work but I know I will be late. Then I woke up. So where is my apology?" I told her I'm truly sorry that she's a crazy person.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sports Obsession or Nervous Tick?

As a woman, I can't help but notice that men are sometimes strange creatures. Some of my favorite people are men and I adore them but some behaviors are hard for me to wrap my mind around. I have recently been noticing an increase in one of the most mind-bogglind displays of manhood. Perhaps some of my male readers can enlighten me as to the cause of this behavior... Why do men pretend to be showcasing their athletic ability at the same time as they're talking to me? Some men shoot an imaginary basketball into an immaginary hoop. Some men swing at a golf ball and stand at attention as they watch it land on the imaginary green. Some of them even put their hand to their forehead like they're blocking the sun so they can see better. The worst offenders get into full baseball batting stance and swing away. I don't understand it. What are they doing? Are they really so obsessed with sports that they feel the need to practice their moves ALL the time, even in the middle of a conversation? Or is this some kind of nervous tick that allows men to not have to focus on the conversation at hand? Is this a man's way of not-so-discreetly saying, "I'm not paying attention to you right now so you might as well stop talking" or are they trying to say, "I think you're pretty so I'm trying to impress you by giving you a little preview of how good I am at golf." Maybe they're trying to start a conversation about something they're knowledgeable in but it seems easier for them to just say, "Hey, I know a lot abot baseball. Wanna talk about it?" rather than their chosen display of silly acrobatics. Seriously, it seems so strange to me. When they start doing that, I can hardly keep from laughing out loud and I'm worried I'm going to hurt someone's feelings one day.

The View From My Neighborhood

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My New Apartment


My kitchen.

My bedroom.

My living room. I had J.D. stand in there so you can tell how small it is. This is by far the bigest room in the place.


My kitchen.

My bedroom. The bed barely fits in there.

I built this platform for the bed myself but I must have measured wrong because when I was done it was 4'6'' tall and covered most of the window. It was kinda wobbly too. My dad had to come fix it before I could go to bed. He shortened the legs and made it more sturdy. This is the finished product.

My living room.

My bathroom. Also tiny. Good thing I'm not one of those girly girls who spends hours in there every day. No offense to all you girly girls. I think you look very nice.

There is just enough space behind the front door for me to be able to keep my bike inside. That was one of the reasons I took this apartment. To answer all of Mark's, "How do you afford to live in San Diego?" quesions; this is how. I live in a shoe box. But I have the ocean 4 blocks away to either side of me. I love it. Lexi and I go down to the beach twice a day and just hang out. It's so nice. Jen, I know you're so jealous right now. You should come visit me. You can sleep under my bed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Balboa Park

Me, my mom, my dad and my brother J.D. went to Balboa park on Memorial Day and walked around. Balboa Park is a great big park right in downtown San Diego. It's really pretty. It was first built in the early 1900s to host the California-Panama Exposition and now it's just a place to go for people to hang out. There are museums, walking paths, gardens, a dog park and theatres. Here are some pictures:

A walking path that winds down through one of the rivines at the park.

The Museum of Man.

One of the bell towers on The Museum of Man.

Me and J.D. under one of the arches at the Organ Pavillion.

The Old Globe Theatre

If anyone's ever in SD, this park is a must see. What did you guys do for the holiday?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Moving On

I noticed that nobody commented on my plea for advice post. I figure either my blog has become so boring that no one reads it anymore or no one wanted to give advise because if I took it and irreparably damaged my life, I would've blamed the advise giver. No matter, The universe has a way of sorting these things out. Gabe was suppose to spend some time with me this weekend, working on some relationship stuff (for those of you who know the whole story, we were suppose to go look at the car) but he had an "emergency" and couldn't make it. I told him I don't want to see him anymore until he's prepared with a solution to some of our problems. I'm pretty sure that means I won't see him anymore. I ended up coming up with some good ideas for my meeting on Thursday all on my own and my boss had some good ones too so I'm feeling a little better abouth that. I talked to my boss on Friday and we worked out a solution to my budget woes that should alleviate it a little. I'm also going to schedule some time with a guidance couclior at my school to see if I can figure out what I'm going to do with my life. So I don't have any real answers yet but I feel like I'm on my way to getting them. The thing that I'm really excited about is I'm moving next week and I get to live right by the beach. I'm going to be just like that girl in the picture laying on the sand everyday except I don't have such a mannish face. I'm stoked about getting settled into my own place again. I'll post before and after pictures of my VERY tiny apartment for you guys. All I can say is good thing I don't have a lot of stuff.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stuck in a Rut

Lately I've been feeling really immobile. Like someone put me in an invisible box and I can't move beyond the confines of it. Right now my life feels like it's divided into 5 categories, 4 of which are not satisfactory to me. They are as follows: Gabe, Work, Budget, Education, Religion. I feel frustrated in all of those areas except religion. When I focus on going to church or participating in church based activities I feel relaxed and calm but the reality is I have other things I need to deal with and that stuff is frustrating me.
Gabe: I guess Gabe and I are doing pretty good. We've moved on in our relationship where I feel happy and fairly secure but now it feels like we've just stopped. When I tell him that I feel this way he just says something like, "I know how you feel but we're working at it and it'll come around." I know my mom and my sister, upon reading this are just going to say, "Break up with him then, you've waited long enough." But I can't bring myself to do that because things really have gotten better and he does seem to be working hard at our relationship, I just don't see any results yet. It's hard for me to know if I should be patient or cut my losses. I don't want to do either. I just want an answer as to where my life is going right now.
Work: I am in charge of all of the marketing, advertising and overall growth of a small insurance office. I am a very good sales person and I usually really enjoy my job. Lately though, things have slowed down a lot around here and it seems like no matter how hard I work at it I can't get it to pick up. Again, I feel like I'm working very hard but not getting any results. We're having a planning meeting on Thursday morning and I'm suppose to come to it with some new ideas of things we could try to pick up production. It is Tuesday afternoon and I got nothin'. I can't think of one single thing. My whole job description is pretty much to have good ideas and I don't have any. I feel like I come to work for 8 hours everyday and I don't accomplish anything but I don't know how to change that.
Budget: I am moving into my new apartment in 3 weks and I am so poor. I thought the couple months I stayed with my parents would give me a chance to get ahead money wise but I ended up using the extra money to take care of some overlooked things (Lexi's surgery, tires on the Jeep, visiting my sister) and instead I'm more broke leaving their house than when I moved in. The part that's really frustrating me is that with the added expenses that are about to come up for me, I don't see any way to get back on top in this area either. It's looking like I'm not going to get a bonus at work any time soon because I can't sell anything. I'm stuck!
Education: I am going to school this fall as a senior in college. I have been in college a very long time and I have no degree. I have enough credits for a doctorate but I change my mind so much that all my classes add up to pretty much nothing. It's REALLY time for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up but I'm having so much trouble with it. I really want to be a nurse but the classes are very time consuming and I don't think I could hold down a full time job at the same time as nursing school. I have to have a full time job because I'm a grown up and I have to pay my rent. I could graduate with a degree in Literature within about 1 year but I don't know what I would do with that once I graduated. I don't have any experience in any fields that have to do with a literature degree and I don't think I could get a job. I could follow my current career course and get a marketing degree but I don't see the point since I don't really like marketing. I just do it because I'm good at it and it pays my bills (sort of). I already have a good job in marketing and if I'm just going to stick with it I don't really need a degree, I already have enough experience to back me up in this field and more college would be a waste of time.
What should I do? I know a lot of people who love me and a lot of strangers read this blog and I'm open to any ideas. What do you guys think?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Small Town Living

I'm staying with my parents right now until the end of the month while I'm waiting to move out into my own place. They live in a small, farming town here in Southern California. The house we live in is nice and is sitting on 8 acres of land. My dog, Lexi has a hay day whenever we're up there because she can run around like a mad woman and have some fun with the other dogs. There is also a doggie door installed at the house so she can come and go as she pleases. She loves that too. Last night, Gabe and I were out getting ice cream for the family and when we pulled into our neighborhood we noticed a horrible stench. I walked into the house and my mom said, "I have some bad news for you." I said, "How bad? Is this going to spoil my ice cream?" And she said, "Yes. Lexi got sprayed by a skunk." That little piece of information didn't ruin my ice cream but it certainly kept me busy for the rest of the night. My mom had closed the dog door so Lexi couldn't get back in the house so I went out to find her. When I called her she came right to me and she smelled HORRIBLE! My dog is a Boxer and their breed is called that for a reason. When they are in a fight or playing, they lead with their front paws and swat at their apponent much like a human boxer does in a fight. Lexi's front legs and face were covered in skunk juice and she was coughing and sneezing. I felt so bad for her. Gabe and I ran to the grocery store and bought 5 cans of tomato paste. We came back home, threw the dog in the tub and slathered the thick red stuff all over her. About half way through she looked like a casualty of war. That tomato paste is potent and it made my forearms break out in a rash. We got her all cleaned up and she's almost back to normal. The only two problems are she still smells a little on her paws and nose and all of the areas of her body that are suppose to be white (neck, chest, feet and muzzle) are now stained pink. She looks like an Oompa Loompa dog. I think my brother J.D. had it right when he took one look at her and said, "Lexi really does do better as an apartment dog."

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Beautiful Stranger

I am very interested in hauntings, ghosts and paranormal activity. So many people have claimed to have had a brush with people from "the other side" (myself included) for it to just be a fluke. The thing that really intrigues me is the mystery in it. What are these people doing here? What are they looking for? What are they trying to tell us? Are they just confused about where to go and they get stuck here or do they have an actual purpose? I've heard credible stories that support both of those theories. I'm a big fan of respected paranormal experts like Hanz Holtzer and Sylvia Brown. I love to read ghost stories and I really love history. San Diego Has a rich history and some of the most famous haunted spots in the country. During October, you can take a double decker bus around town and take a "Haunted Tour" of San Diego. They take you to all the good spots; The Whaley House, The El Campo Santo Cemetary and the Hotel Del Coronado. These spots all have a detailed, fascinating history. You can read a short description and see pictures of San Diego's most popular haunts at One of the most famous ghosts in sand Diego is that of Kate Morgan from the Hotel del Coronado. The hotel is a huge, sprawling place right on the sea that has been carefully maintained so it looks the same today as it did when it was built in the late 1800s. You can read more about that at

Here's the story of Kate Morgan that I copied from

What is known about Kate Morgan is this: she traveled with her husband, Thomas, using the alias of Lottie. A. Bernard. Thomas used the assumed named of Dr. M.C. Anderson. Together, they made a a somewhat decent living as scam artists. "Lottie", being a "natural beauty" (a term that the coroner would later use to describe her), would flirt with young men. Once the men were interested in her and wished to court her, she told them that they would first need to obtain the approval of her brother (the role played by Thomas). To do this--they soon discovered--meant that they would need to play poker with him. When the would-be suitor had been hoodwinked and swindled for all his worth, Lottie dropped him and quickly moved on to the next.

After some time, however, Kate began to yearn for more out of life, and she told Thomas that she wanted to have a house and to raise a family. Thomas had no desire to have a family, but he did placate Kate's desires to own a home by purchasing a house in Los Angeles. He continued to try to earn a living by traveling in search of high stakes poker games, while under yet another alias, Kate began working as a housekeeper in order to earn enough money to live on.

Thomas began to travel the circuit more and more, and during one of his tours from Iowa down to San Diego, he picked up Kate in Los Angeles en route. It was on this train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego that Kate told Thomas she was pregnant. Thomas was not happy about this news and he and Kate argued on the train. Thomas then left the train in Orange, CA. Kate went on to San Diego, checked in at the Hotel del Coronado, and waited for her husband to join her, but he never arrived.

Kate spent the next few days doing the following:

1) She checked other hotels in the area to see if Tom had check-ed in at any of them, but found no trace of him.

2) She performed an apparent abortion on herself by taking a huge amount of quinine (a known abortifacient of that time). Hotel employees reported that she had appeared pale, ill, and very unhappy during her stay. The large bottle of quinine was found in her room following her death.

3) And finally, it is know that Kate ventured into San Diego, and purchased a gun and shells.Five days after Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel del Coronado, she was found dead on a set of stairs just off the veranda that lead down to the beach, a single bullet wound to her right temple. The gun lay near Kate's body, two steps below. Blood was on the gun as well as on her hand.

Kate's death was immediately ruled as suicide, and for years this was the accepted cause of death. It wasn't until 1990, when Alan May published a book called, "The Legend of Kate Morgan: The Search for the Ghost of the Hotel del Coronado", that another theory was suggested.

May, an attorney who specialized in murder cases, concluded that Kate did not take her own life, but rather, that she was murdered by her husband, Thomas. He supports his theory by citing some compelling evidence, such as the fact that the bullet in Kate's head was of a different caliber than the bullets for the gun she purchased in San Diego. Also, the positioning of her body on the steps was not consistent with a suicide, suggesting that she was shot first, then dumped on the stairs--a gun with her blood on it was planted nearby to give the appearance of a suicide. May also suggests that a maid who worked at the hotel at the time, and may have befriended Kate, also disappeared the day after Kate's funeral. One story further proposes that the body of the maid was found by hotel staff and was removed in a covert attempt to keep publicity and anxiety at a minimum.

To this day, the legend of Kate Morgan still elicites curiosity and sparks interest. Since Kate's death in 1892, numerous claims of paranormal activity have been reported in the room where Kate stayed (room 302, now number 3312), and other areas of the hotel. Claims range from murmuring sounds to electrical problems, flickering lights, and unusual scents; from curtains that seem to blow in the wind despite the fact that the window is closed, to unexplained voices; or objects that move and televisions that turn on and off by themselves. Moreover, many people have claimed that they actually have seen the ghost of Kate Morgan, themselves.Over the years, numerous paranormal researchers have used their latest technology, such as radiation sensors, microwave imaging, high frequency sound detection, infrared cameras, and night vision goggles to substantiate and record unexplained paranormal activitity at The Del. Some of the noted activity at the hotel includes magnetic fields, drastic temper-ature fluctuations, and electronic dis-charges.

Perhaps someday these complex and high-tech tests may prove the unexplainable accounts, but there are still other claims which have been made that might never be explained. Such is the case of the peculiar incident reported by one of President Gerald Ford's Secret Service-men during their stay at the hotel. The agent apparently called the hotel management to report the noisy guests who were staying in the room above him.This turns out to be a particularily odd complaint because....He was staying in Kate Morgan's room---And it's located on the top floor.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

False Advertisment?

My cell phone broke and I had to get a new one. I got this Motorola ROKR which is a phone that has a special feature of being able to download iTunes. The way it was explained to me is that it's like having an iPod and phone in one. I got a really good deal on it but it still wasn't cheap. I got it yesterday and spent a fair amount of time getting it all set up with my preferences. Then I started to download songs. Turns out I got a total of 17 on there before my computer let me know the memory is full. That's less than 2 hours worth of music. Even the smallest iPod holds at least 1000 songs. I was really surprised and I feel a little ripped off. You expect to get cheated on a phone you bought from a guy in Tijuana but not from a trusted brand like Motorola. What is the world coming to? I think I'm just complaining too much lately. I promise my next entry will be about something interesting or positive.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Working On It

I had a great Easter weekend. it was so fun having everyone in my family in the same house for a whole weekend. We didn't do anything exciting. There was a lot of Super Mario Bros. 3 being played. We had another birthday party for Jaxon, this time a Cali version. We went bowling, went to church, played Phase 10, cooed over the baby, ate too much and stayed up way too late. By Sunday night, even the dogs were worn out. It was sooo nice. Gabe came up for the weekend which was comforting and strange. He's been on a big "get back together" kick lately and I don't know what to make of it. He seems sincere and he really has been putting in a lot of effort (he even went to church) but I just can't shake the feeling that the other shoe is about to drop... again. We've had a million heart to hearts and decided that we'll work on it and see how it goes. I really want things to work out but the problem is in order for that to happen, I'm going to have to put all of my energy into this again. Right now I just feel completely unable to do that and I don't know what would make me ready to dive back in again. The whole thing is compounded by the fact that my family is pretty unsupportive at this point because they don't want to see me get hurt. My whole life just feels like a big puzzle that I have to really concentrate on to put back together and I can't really seem to focus on it right now. I guess I'll just give it time and hope everything comes around. Whatever happens, it was really nice to have all the chickens in one nest for a few days and feel completely at home. I don't get to feel that way too often because all the people I love are so spread out and I really enjoyed it. I'll be sad when my sister has to leave this week but you know what they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I think that is particularly true in the case of families.