Thursday, March 09, 2006

Running in Circles

I'm so frustrated right now. I'm so sad and I don't know which path to take to make myself feel better. Gabe's still making decisions that aren't in our best interest but all the while he's telling me that he really wants to get back together. That doesn't make any sense and I'm so confused. I don't know if I should wait for him to get it together or if I should just move on with my life. I know it's only been a few days but I like to be able to make decisions in my life and then move forward and right now it feels like I'm unable to make any decisions. I'm so tired of that. I don't even know what I want to do because all of my opinions are based on information from outside influences and if I can't get an honest view of what's going on in my life then I can't decide which direction to take it in. I feel so scatterbrained and I can't concentrate on anything. I didn't feel like working today so instead I traced my hand and the hands of all the people in my office. They're very accomodating in my time of crisis. I guess it's just my creative side trying to break free. This picture features the fruits of my labors.


  1. Sorry to hear about all this. I'll give you a call.

  2. tiecen it is me your sister. it made me sad to read your block even though i knew everything. i miss you and i think there are so many good things about you. you are so smart, pretty, fun and i look up to you in so many ways that i never tell you you are so successful and do things i would never dare to do like get a job as dumb as that sounds especially a hard one like yours. i admire you also because you know who you are and you know whats right even though i know it is hard to make the right decision sometimes and i know i give you a hard time but i have a hard time making good decisions to and i feel like you have a great testimony because i never hear you doubt the church and you have been through so much. i am proud of you and i should tell you more. you are a wonerful sister and aunt. and i know you dont want to hear this but i think right about now a fresh start will do you some good you have so many things to offer someone you just need to find someone worthy of those qualities and i know you will so keep your chin up and we can continue to play guessing games forever i love you.