Monday, May 22, 2006

Moving On

I noticed that nobody commented on my plea for advice post. I figure either my blog has become so boring that no one reads it anymore or no one wanted to give advise because if I took it and irreparably damaged my life, I would've blamed the advise giver. No matter, The universe has a way of sorting these things out. Gabe was suppose to spend some time with me this weekend, working on some relationship stuff (for those of you who know the whole story, we were suppose to go look at the car) but he had an "emergency" and couldn't make it. I told him I don't want to see him anymore until he's prepared with a solution to some of our problems. I'm pretty sure that means I won't see him anymore. I ended up coming up with some good ideas for my meeting on Thursday all on my own and my boss had some good ones too so I'm feeling a little better abouth that. I talked to my boss on Friday and we worked out a solution to my budget woes that should alleviate it a little. I'm also going to schedule some time with a guidance couclior at my school to see if I can figure out what I'm going to do with my life. So I don't have any real answers yet but I feel like I'm on my way to getting them. The thing that I'm really excited about is I'm moving next week and I get to live right by the beach. I'm going to be just like that girl in the picture laying on the sand everyday except I don't have such a mannish face. I'm stoked about getting settled into my own place again. I'll post before and after pictures of my VERY tiny apartment for you guys. All I can say is good thing I don't have a lot of stuff.


  1. Hey, I just read your post from before - and this one - and it sounds like you're doing and saying all the right things - and I admire that.

    Regarding education, figure out what you don't want to do and then go from there. You can always go back to school...

    Hope you're feeling better - I've been so freakin' busy - it's hard to have time to write at the moment - but hopefully it'll settle down.

  2. Im sorry girl...i have no good advice. I am having trouble in the school dept too. keep changing my mind. I am glad that you stuck to your guns about what you want in the relationship area. I miss you tons. did you see the pics of my new place?

  3. Sorry bout the boyfriend, as for the education, I agree with KELL, figure out what you don't want to do then go from there, I have been to the beach in SD and you are right, there are some scary people there! I would fit right in! Actually, when I was in LaJolla, I went to the beach and got quite a shock....(Blacks Beach) You live out in SD so you know what I am talking about.... Also, how in the world do you afford to live out there? I couldn't believe how high the cost of living is! Don't you have to have about 30 roomies to be able to pay rent?