Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My New Apartment


My kitchen.

My bedroom.

My living room. I had J.D. stand in there so you can tell how small it is. This is by far the bigest room in the place.


My kitchen.

My bedroom. The bed barely fits in there.

I built this platform for the bed myself but I must have measured wrong because when I was done it was 4'6'' tall and covered most of the window. It was kinda wobbly too. My dad had to come fix it before I could go to bed. He shortened the legs and made it more sturdy. This is the finished product.

My living room.

My bathroom. Also tiny. Good thing I'm not one of those girly girls who spends hours in there every day. No offense to all you girly girls. I think you look very nice.

There is just enough space behind the front door for me to be able to keep my bike inside. That was one of the reasons I took this apartment. To answer all of Mark's, "How do you afford to live in San Diego?" quesions; this is how. I live in a shoe box. But I have the ocean 4 blocks away to either side of me. I love it. Lexi and I go down to the beach twice a day and just hang out. It's so nice. Jen, I know you're so jealous right now. You should come visit me. You can sleep under my bed.


  1. Congrats on the new digs. My house is small upstairs - but it's because the ceiling is short. Dave, my boyfriend, hates it because he hits his head occasionally... So your deal is probably better!

  2. I am jealous!! I would live in something that small if i was by the beach. It wouldnt matter that it was small because I would be at the beach all the time. and what do you mean UNDER your bed!! I would sleep right up next to you and lexi. Me and lexi could snuggle. :)

  3. Hey - I emailed your sis. I live about an hour north of Philadelphia (which means I live on another planet from Philly!) so I know a little bit. However, my boyfriend is FROM West Philly - so I will ask him to give some recommendations and send another e-mail. Hope that helps!

    PS - Unlike Jen Jen, I might not snuggle up to Lexi - that is unless his skunk problem is solved! ha ha

  4. Ok. Talked to my boyfriend - he suggested your sister check out New Jersey - right across the river from Philadelphia - Like Cherry Hill, for example. Also - tell them to avoid North Philly - It's a rough parta town.

  5. Nice place. Your comment about girly-girls made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

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