Friday, June 23, 2006

Things That Go Bump in the Night

One common thread running strongly through all the members of my family is that we're all strange sleepers. I have walked and talked in my sleep all my life and I have CRAZY dreams. When we were young and shared a room, my sister and I would hold full fledged conversations, even arguments in our sleep. My parents finally put us in separate rooms so everyone else in the house could get some sleep. Even our dogs have dreams and whine and pretend to run in their sleep. Now that I'm a grown up and I live alone, I don't hear the stories about my sleeping mishaps but I have a couple good recent ones about my fam. The other night J.D. was asleep and he was having a dream that he was telekinetic and he was practicing his newfound skill by moving objects around with his mind. When he woke up, his bedroom was completely destroyed. He had turned everything over and moved everything around. He is either really telekinetic or he got up in his sleep and tore apart his room. (Obviously, the latter is the one I'm putting money on.) J.D. has wanted to be a superhero since he was a little boy so I'm sure he's hoping for the real life telekenesis aspect. Most of my family members have vivid dreams and when we wake up, we have a hard time shaking the feeling accompanying the dream ie: anger, sadness, hapiness. My mom had a dream last night that she and I had an argument and she emaild me the description this morning, demanding an apology. Here's her description: "I can't really remember. I only remember that we were in your car. I had just done a favor for you (I cant remember what) and we were leaving Taco Bell. I wanted you to take me straight to work but you said no and if I wanted to go to work I would have to walk from your house. I jumped out of the car but held onto the seatbelt and stretched it out about 20 yards while running in the other direction. You stopped the car and got out and started yelling at me for stretching out your seatbelt. So I started wrapping the seatbelt around you. Next thing I know, I am in this house (I've never seen before) and I telling your dad how mad I am at you and I can see you walking out the front door of the house. Your dad is telling me not to worry and he will take me to work but I know I will be late. Then I woke up. So where is my apology?" I told her I'm truly sorry that she's a crazy person.

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  1. ok this brings ups too many memories to count! Rob told me that last week I full on punched him in my sleep. Of course I dont remember a thing. Hahaha.