Friday, July 07, 2006

The Dog Days of Summer

I love the summer time. Summer is by far my favorite season. When I was a little kid, we always made a BIG deal out of summer. I would go over to my grandma's house and play with all my cousins and the days would last forever. We use to put a sprinkler under the swing set or the trampoline and play all day. My mom was very accomodating of us kids and we had very few rules we had to follow. We could go through the day with lawless, reckless abandon and we had so much fun. There was a grocery store near our house that some of the older kids would go to to get treats but the younger kids couldn't because there was a very busy road we had to cross to get there. Me and my friend Brent got an entrepeneurial spirit and decided to start our own candy store in the front yard for the neighborhood kids. My mom would get up in the morning and take us over to the grocery store where we would stock up on all kinds of goodies, then we would come back and sell them to the other kids at a $.10 mark up. Our candy store was called Cheap Jeepers and we actually made quite a profit. It all got sunk back into the business though because as much candy as we could buy, those kids would eat. We ran out every day and the next day my mom would load us up in the car and help us do it all over again. In the evenings, we would play "night games" which consits of games like hide-and-seek, kick-the-can, ollie-ollie-over, capture-the-flag etc. We would stay out long after dark and my mom would have come walk around the neighborhood and call our names to find us but she never got mad. She'd just drag us home, throw us in the tub and into bed.

As an adult, I still love summer. There is no difference in my day to day routine between summer and winter because I still get up early, go to work, take care of the dog...but there's just something wonderful about the days getting so long. It makes it feel like there's more hours in the day and therefore, more time for fun. I stay up way too late all summer and Gabe and my brothers and I ride our bikes all around the town until 10 or 11 at night. I also love watching all the tourists that are here for their summer vacations. I go into the grocery store to get a weeks worth of food and there's always a gaggle of girls in there wearing nothing but bikinis and flipflops, buying booze and watermelon. Even though I have to go to work the next day, I get to live vicariously through them. I love to sit out on my porch all night and listen to the neighbors laughing and music. The babies on the beach are so cute when their diapers get weighed down by water and there little bums are poking out. I think even when I'm very old, I'll be a wrinkly, leathery bum, still sitting on the sand and people watching.


  1. Would you be so kind as to give the name and location of the Grocery Store that has the bikini-clad shoppers........

    Just in case I need to pick up some snacks the next time I am in SD....


  2. this makes me miss you so much. remember that your biggest fear as a child was growing up? You still afraid of that?