Monday, August 28, 2006

A Day at the Races

The horse races are in town right now at the Del Mar Race track and me and my brother, Dallas went to them on Saturday. It was really fun. I've never been to the races before so I had no idea how the betting worked. Dallas had to show me everything. I bet $20 for the whole day which consitst of a series of 10 races. I was betting $3 a race at the beginning. You can bet on who will place, who will win, who will lose... it gets really complicated. For fun, me and Dall covered up the odds and picked a horse to win each race based on the horse's name. By race 9 I had lost all of my money and was down to my last $2 which I had on a horse...and I won!! $7.40. The 10th race had my favorite horse of the day in it, Popcicle Gal and she was picked to win. I bet all $9.40 on her and stood with baited breath as the gates shot open and the horses lunged forward. It was a flurry of churning legs and flying turf and trotting along, at a leisurly pace, at the very back was Popcicle Gal. I lost everything! It was devistating!! It's probably for the best though because If I had won hundreds of dollars, anything I spent the money on would've turned into a pillar of salt as soon as I got it home because it was purchased with filthy lucre. The day wasn't a complete wash. For around $40 I got a whole day of entertainment, some good food and we saw a free Jimmy Eat World concert at the end that was REALLY good. They're one of my favorite bands so that was great. If any of you are ever in town in the Summer, I denitely recommend the races. Even if you don't want to bet, it's still fun to be out with all the people and witness the excitement "where the surf meets the turf, down at old Del Mar."

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