Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 Things Tag

I've been tagged. Thanks Mark. I actually think these things are fun.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. I would get married and go on a honeymoon.

2. Buy ocean front property for me and my mom and dad. (There goes my million dollars and then some.)

3. Start a no-kill animal shelter.

4. Set up an education fund for my future babies.

5. Hire a personal trainer.

5 bad habits:

1. Making a plan for everything.

2. Speaking before I think/ Giving my opinion, unsolicited.

3. Taking my horoscope seriously and making decisions based on it.

4. I never make my bed.

5. Eating out because I hate to cook.

5 things I hate doing:

1. Cleaning the bathroom.

2. Being alone for too long.

3. Staying indoors.

4. Discussing politics with my brother or my dad. But I feel compelled to do it because I'm over-opinionated.

5. Being wrong.

5 things I would never do:

1. Have a one-night stand.

2. Hit my mom.

3. Heroine.

4. Purposefully hurt an animal.

5. Drink and drive.

I'm up for pretty much anything else, depending on the situation. Never say never.

5 things I regret doing:

1. Being cruel to a couple of the "not cool" kids in grade school. I wish I could find them and apolagize.

2. Taking so long to graduate from college.

3. Getting fat. Even when you get thin again, your body's never the same.

4. Having poor eating habits. Cheap Mexican food is not a food group.

5. Not taking a honeymoon the first time I got married.

5 favorite things:

1. Ocean, mountains, lake; Being outside.

2. My family and friends.

3. My dog, Lexi.

4. The Atonement. What a life-saver!

5. My beach cruiser.

5 people I choose to do this: So who would I like to see give me five.....

1. Kell

2. Logan

3. Nickel

4. Jen

5. Any one else who reads my blog.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Freaks Come Out At BINGO


My brother, J.D. turned 18 this weekend and he was dying to do something that he wasn't previously entitled to. Since I'm not really one for strip clubs (as aforementioned, See 24 Houre Tease) I decided to take him to one of the casinos around here. I am not at all lucky when gambling so, rather than waste $20 in 5 minutes on a penny slot, we wasted $12 for 3 hours of BINGO. This was not my first time at the BINGO pavillion. I actually love to go play so I felt right at home. I showed J.D. how to set up his cards and check all the numbers quickly. We picked out a plethera of multi colored daubers and went to work. The first game was like a warm up round and the pavillion was silent in concentration, accept the caller with his radio D.J. voice. As soon as the first 80 year old yelled BINGO however, that was all over. The entire pavaillion let out a loud, "Come on!" in unison, everyone disappointed that the game had ended when they were so close. I had warned J.D. ahead of time that these ladies get a little heated and not to cross them. We had been laughing all the way to the casino about my stories of grandmas shushing me and looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't too close to winning. Since he had been warned that his chances were very slim and he probably wouldn't win, I was surprised when, after that first uttered, "BINGO!" he let out a not so quiet, "Son of a B*$#h!" The tiny Vietnemese woment sitting across from us started chuckling and reassured him he would do better next time. J.D. was so funny! He got so into the game. Each time some not-so-sweet old woman cried BINGO he would utter his disapproval, throw the losing card away and stoically prepare himself for the next game. This preparation consisted of gripping his dauber with white knuckles, trash-talking the most recent winner and then saying something like, "I better win the next one or else!" At one point, I stopped to check my cell phone in the middle of a game and he reprimanded me, "Tie, pay attention!" When the game was finally over, and neither he nor I had won any money, the Vietnemese ladies, who had a huge crush on him by this time, asked him, "You come next time?" To which he answered, "Yeah, I'll be back, but I better win." It's these entertaining moments with the BINGO fanatics that make it totally worth $12 to sit in a crowded pavillion for 3 hours. It's so much fun and I'm thrilled that my brother turned out to be a BINGO freak. I'm guaranteed a good time as long as I go with him.