Monday, December 18, 2006

Break Time

I just finished my finals last Thursday and I meant to update my blog over the weekend but, naturally, I got really sick as soon as finals were done. I spent most of the weekend in bed with bronchitis and the rest of it Christmas shopping. I'm done with school until the end of January and I'm so glad to have a break. I really have to try to maximize my time during this break because next semester I will be taking 15 credits, working full time and getting married. It's pretty much suicide for my social life.
Speaking of wedding, I'm so excited. We set the date for March 3rd and we're doing it here in San Diego. I just booked the caterer like 5 minutes ago and they gave me a really good deal. It's a little Hawaiian BBQ restaraunt in my neightborhood and they're doing 100 guests for less than $700. The next thing I need to get is a photographer but it's so expensive. I want someone who can do pictures and a wedding DVD. Kell, I think you should come all the way to San Diego, pay for your own hotel room and food, follow me around for the entire weekend and take all the pictures and do a DVD for me for free. Come on, it will be fun. I'm just kidding of course. I will pay you $30.00 and you can sleep on my couch with my dog.
Winter in my neighborhood is so different. There's not a lot of people around and it's cloudy a lot of the time. I actually miss the tourists. It has been nice too, though because without all the extra people, I'm starting to get to know my neighbors better. I see all the same people in the morning when I'm out for my run and they all recognize me and say hello. It's a nice homey feeling. I wish my apartment wasn't so small so I could live there forever. As it is, I'll have to be moving right around March 3rd.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's About Time!!!!

Maybe I spoke too soon. I got proposed to on Friday night! It was so fun! We had a big bonfire at the beach with some of our friends. We do it all the time so I wasn't expecting a proposal at all. The sky was very clear and the water was very calm so the lights from the city were reflecting on the water. it was a really pretty night. It was about 10:00 pm and the fire was starting to die down a little. I said, "I'm cold."

Gabe: "Do you need some mittens?"

Me: "No. I'm okay."

Gabe: "Well, How about a ring?" Then he kneeled down in front of me.

Me: "Right now!?"

Gabe: "Yeah."

Our Friend Meg: "Right now!?"

Gabe (exasperated): "YES! Please say you'll be my wife."

Me: "Yes, of course I will."

We had just a minute to hug and kiss before the other girls came over with a flashlight to inspect the ring. It was very romantic and very sweet. My boyfirend's so cute! Excuse me, my FIANCE!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I love the Holidays. I hate the cold though so San Diego suits me well. It's been cold here at night, in the 40s and I don't have a heater in my house. In the mornings it's so hard to get out of bed and put my feet on the cold floor. The picture above is Lexi staying in bed while I get ready in the morning. I covered her up with a Snow Man blanket because she was shivering. I need to buy a space heater.

So, what's new with me? I went to my sister's for Thanksgiving and it was way fun.

Gabe and I bought the my nephew one of thos big green ballons that you tie the rubber band to the end and then you can punch it and it comes back to you. It turned out to be the best time I've ever had for $0.98. He was hitting all of us with it and chasing everyone around.

I've been expecting a proposal from Gabe since he bought the ring a couple months ago but I haven't gotten one yet. I don't know what's taking him so long. He's had lots of opportunites and I thought Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect because my family was all together and it was my birthday. I even encouraged him to hold my sister's baby because she's so cute and me and Gabe both want kids but still...nothin'. Maybe he's changed his mind and he doesn't want to get married after all. We'll see how this weekend goes. Do you ever wish you could read people's minds? I'm usually glad I can't but once in a while it would be nice.

Overall I had a great holiday and it was nice for the kids to be able to see their grandpa who they love.

Kell, your story of your dad totally reminded me of my dad. He's up for anything. He sings sometimes with a classic rock band here in San Diego and he's awesome. He even won 2nd place in a big Karaoke contest down here that the local clubs do for charity. He sang Marshall Tucker's "Can't You See" and he did so good. I wish some of that had rubbed off on me. I've been playing the guitar for over 10 years but I get so nervous when people watch me that I feel like I have all thumbs. I can really only play well when I'm alone so as far as the public is concerned I can barely play at all. I'm a great public speaker but for some reason music stuff makes me really nervous. I can only sing in the shower. I really admire people that can get over their stage fright and rock the house.

I'll post again next week, when finals are over. Wish me luck and Happy Holidays!