Friday, January 20, 2006

Free as a Bird

Gabe and I have taken up the FUNNEST hobby! We love to go ride our bikes at the beach on the weekend. It feels so good to feel the salty sea air and be out in the sun shine. It is so interesting to observe the weirdos and bums who live down there. There's this one guy who rides his roller blades up and down the board walk and dances while listening to Shaniah Twain on his Walkman. He's my hero. Everyone should come visit us and we'll let you take our bikes for a spin!

Is it just my imagination?

Am I just crazy or does this cloud look exactly like Baloo the bear from "Jungle Book." I think it looks just like him when he's singing "The Bear Necessities" and dancing. I love that movie because my dad, who is 6'2'', 290 lbs. and kind of mean still goes to pieces every time he sees the part where Baloo dies. He knows Baloo's not really dead but he can't help himself, he always starts crying. He's a big softie!

Sweet Baby!

This is my sweet, pretty dog, Lexi. I hang out with her all the time and I love her! I think she catches all the oveflow of my maternal instinct because I don't have children yet. She doesn't seem to mind, though. She soaks up all the attention. As you can see, she has full run of the roost. This photo features her occupying about 50% of my bed. That's standard operation for her and I have to admit that I actually encourage this behavior. She's a really good dog.