Friday, January 26, 2007

I Love School

I started school this week and I love it. This is my first semester where I have a full schedule of only Literature classes and it's so nice. I still have to spend all day is class but all the things we're talking about are things I want to talk about. Everything discussed is something I'm interested in and I'm really enjoying it. The rest of my life is SOOO crazy right now between work and the wedding that it's almost like school is a nice reprieve because I'm forced to sit down for two full days a week and just focus on something interesting instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. (That aweful run on sentence is evidence of my current attitude.) It's so refreshing. I feel much more centered now.
The wedding plans are coming along great. I have five weeks to go and everything seems to be falling into place. I wish I had more money but that seems to be the story of all our lives. I'm just counting my blessings where I find them. For instance, last night Gabe and I went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner becaue it was his birthday and the 2 year anniversary of our first date. We ordered key lime pie for desert and mentioned to the waitress that we wanted to serve the pie at our wedding. We told her we couldn't find a key lime pie anywhere for under $35 so it was turning out to be really expensive. The head chef was working last night and she sent him out to our table. He told us he'll just order us some pies with his order before the wedding and we can have them at cost, which is $12 a pie. I was so excited. That saved me like $300! That guy was so nice; what a stark contrast from crazy ranger man a couple weeks ago.
Part of going to school so much this semester is I have to work on Saturdays now. That should give me more time to update my blog since Saturdays are slow in here. I'll try to do better at keeping in touch with everyone. I just keep repeating my mantra, "This will all be over in..." Right now the ending of that is 5 weeks. Once the wedding is done I get to have a nice vacation and chill for a while. FREEDOM! I can see the finish line of the race I'm running and it looks good!


  1. I always find it amazing that talking to strangers always makes such a difference! Way to go! Tip the waiter! And the chef! yay!

  2. I get to see you in 5 weeks! Im so exicited!

  3. Joe's Crab shack huh? We have those here. Would have liked to find one out there. Last time in SD we literally could not find anywhere to eat! We were out on Coronado and could not find anything under wealthy and elite status places and had to drive back over to the poor mainland to find a place. Ended up driving halfway to Tijuana before we found a row of restraunts. In Texas, any exit on the freeway will have 10 restaraunts easy.