Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Park Ranger From Hell

On Saturday morning, we went to the Point Loma light house to have our engagement pictures taken. There are som fantastic tide pools there and the scenery is really pretty. We brought the dog with us because we wanted some pictures with her too. We were standing up by the light house when a ranger walked by and told us that dogs aren't allowed at the light house, only down by the tide pools. We apolagized and headed down to the more dog friendly area of the park. On the way down, another ranger in a pick up truck came speeding in our direction, cramming his hat on his head as he approached. Gabe, who's New Year's resolution is to be more patient with the public, murmured, "Oh no. Here we go."
The ranger walked up to us and said, "I'm sure you're already aware of it but we don't allow pets here." We apolagized and said it was an accident and that we were already headed to the car. The ranger said, "NO PETS doesn't mean hurry in here, do whatever you want and then try to leave before you get caught." We again explained that we didn't know she wasn't allowed and it was an accident. He said, "Look, what else do I have to do to get the point across to you people? We posted a 6 foot sign that says no dogs at the light house. Can't you read?" At this point the dog started growling a little and I could feel Gabe tensing up. The ranger continued on, "I'm so sick of people like you coming in here like you own the place and don't have to answer to anyone...." It was at this point that all of us (Me, Gabe, the Photographer, her two children and the dog) somehow unanimously, silently decided it was time to split. We all turned our backs on that guy mid sentence and headed down the hill with him shouting at us not to walk away from him.
Seriously, what is wrong with this man? He gets to spend all day in a beautiful place helping friendly tourists. Even if people are occasionally grumpy with him, I'm pretty sure this guy has a great job. We were really apolagetic too and he was completely unforgiving. What is he, the light house god? Sometimes I meet people and I really wonder how they ended up so unhappy. I thought about reporting him to his supervisor but I think a more productive thing would be to find him and offer to refer him to a good therapist.
Aside from crazy ranger man we had a really nice day. It was beautiful and so nice to spend an afternoon just concentrating on each other and being productive while snuggling at the same time.


  1. Great Pix! The Idiot you encountered sounds like he might have become a Ranger after working in the airline industry. He sounds like a lot of the rude and obnoxious gate agents and ticket agents I have encountered recently.

  2. Perhaps Park rangers are a little like most security people - who tend to behave like the gestapo.

    At least you have lovely photos!

  3. OK newly engaged Beach Girl! Vacation is over! Time to return to Blogville or I shall track down your Park Ranger friend and give him your blog address so he can grace your blog with his comments.......