Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Honeymoon I: Our State Room

Our first day of our honeymoon we spent on the boat because we were travelling that day. We just layed out by the pool and got settled into our room and all that stuff. I get motion sick really easily so I took Dramamine the whole time to quell my motion sickness. It worked as far s settling my stomach but I could still really feel the movement of the boat and I was VERY dizzy whenever we were moving. I kept bumping into the walls and banging my shoulder on stuff. One time I stood up from the table at lunch and I tipped right over. gabe caught me and stood me back up but I had a really hard time with that. Every day when we got back to our room, the housekeeping staff had made a different animal out of towels and left them on the bed. We took pictures of them. They're really cool. Here's some pictures.

These are pictures of our state room. It was really nice and cozy. There is a second room with some bunk beds in it but we just used that room to store our suit cases.
Our "towel creation" on the first day was a bear.
A pig.
Some kissing swans.
A monkey.

An elephant.

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  1. so i had so show these pics of my reception. You caught the bouquet and gabe is clapping in the background! ahha and you took out poor arianne! these epidomize the reason why i love you so much