Monday, March 19, 2007

Honeymoon III: Mazatlan

We spent Wednesday in Mazatlan. We toured the Mangrove forests and looked at all the different birds that live there. The pelicans in Mexico are very friendly, which is very different from the standoffish ones here in SD. They will come right up to you and try to eat from your hand. They even ride along on the boats. The pelican above is riding on the engine of a boat that's moving. The one below pelican flew in and plopped down next to our tour guide. The tour guide said his name is Pancho and that he would not leave until we fed him. He said you can always tell it's him because he has a mohawk and blue eyes. Sure enough, he stuck around until we gave him some fish. He was so beautiful.

These are some fishernmen we saw on our tour. They work all day on this little boat fishing for bait and shrimp.

Gabe and I in the boat we were riding in with about 20 other people.

We stopped at a "wildlife preserve" and looked at some caymans. This is what the enclosures they live in look like. This one even has a baby in there with her.

You would run around like a chicken too if you lived with a bunch of caymans.

After our boat ride, the guides took us back to town by towing us in a cart pulled by a tractor. We went right up the beach for about 10 miles with the ocean on one side and the coconut groves on the other. they said if the tide had been in we would've had to walk back. That information was not in the tour description.

We stopped on the way back and had lunch at a restraunt and layed out on the beach. Some women came and braided my hair all into rows. I have A LOT of hair and they got this done within about 15 minutes, including putting in beads and flowers.

The finished product:

What my hair looked like when we took the braids out a couple days later:

The pelicans came to see us off as we headed back to our ship.

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  1. I'm now officially in Cruise Withdrawal! Thanks!

    85mph!! You Maniac!! You are probably one of the ones that ran me off the road out there!