Monday, March 12, 2007

A Triumphant Return

Gabe and I got married last weekend and our wedding was GREAT. It was so much fun! We left on Sunday for a cruise to Mexico and the entire trip was so stellar. We had a great time together. I got REALLY dizzy from the boat and it just started to wear off tonight so I decided it's time to put up my first post on our adventure. So, here I am, humming the song Brick House and typing away. That song was played every 7 minutes on the cruise. The other two songs that were played were Mercy Me and She Bangs. I'll be singing those songs forever. I have tons of stories to tell you guys and I got pictures to back them all up so the next few weeks will be all about me.
The first day of our cruise we were at sea so we just hung out on the boat and layed out by the pool. There is a lot to do on the boat. We watched comedy shows and ate out and all kinds of things. There's even a casino. We don't really like to gamble but we played roulette for 5 minutes and I won $5! It is a very cool experience to be out in the middle of the sea where all you can see is water.
The sunsets are spectacular. More to come!!!

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  1. FUN! Dont forget to post pics of the actual wedding when you get them!