Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Divorce Part II

Not to beleaguer the point but I have more commentary on divorce. I seem to have a preoccupation with it lately as I see some of my loved ones struggling in their marriages and my head is constantly filled with anxiety over the issue. I know couples who are in the process of splitting up who still hang out together every day. They talk about everything and even have date night still, even go on vacations together. I can see the point of all of this if they were still in the process of working on the marriage but once papers have been filed it seems to just be dragging out the pain. Besides, if you can stand to be best friends shouldn't you be able to make a marriage work? I hope I'm not asking for lightning to strike me and show just how difficult marriage can be when compared to friendship but it seems to me that liking each other is the biggest obstacle to overcome. If you can maintain a genuine affection for each other surely you can work out the other areas. It breaks my heart to see people who really compliment each other and who seem to be a good match hurting so badly over a separation. I'm sad. I think I need a vacation with my husband to just think about fun stuff for a while. Who would like to pay for the trip?

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