Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ghetto Living

When my lease was up at our beach apartment last month we were thinking about buying a condo. Since we hadn't picked one out yet we decided to stay with my mom and dad for a couple weeks until we figured out what to do. We must be bad luck because they decided to get divorced and my mom moved out into her own apartment. My dad asked us if we can stay there for a couple months to help him with rent and we said sure. We now live about 5 miles east of the coast in a little bit rougher part of town. Our street is very quiet and all the homeowners are clean and respectful but the outlying neighborhood is not a place I would go walking at night. Here's the news from SD last night:
A manhunt continues Thursday for a possible kidnapping suspect who was involved in a police pursuit Wednesday night.The chase ended with the suspect rolling his van near Interstate ***and *** Avenue in (Name of my neighborhood). He then took off on foot, and police were unable to locate him. A portion of south Interstate *** was temporarily closed, and traffic backed up while officers searched the van for evidence.No description of the suspect is available at this time.
By 11pm there were about 10 police cars on my street and officers and K-9s were scouring our block. They shined lights in our windows and helicopters were swooping overhead. The police even came in and had a look around our house and yard. It was scary and exciting. Gabe loves police stuff and he can't help but get involved. He stood out on the front porch periodically trying to listen to what their radios were saying. We didn't get to go to bed until aroud 2am when they moved the search to the next street over. Crazy!
I'm definitely homesick now. I miss my apartment where the only sounds I heard were the college kid parties and the murmurs of the tourists and I knew all my neighbors.


  1. Oh - you make "my parents got divorced" sound so casual. Are you okay? How is Gabe taking this? Is your Dad ok?

  2. What! what is going on? we talked about a few things while I was there for your wedding... I'm sorry!