Monday, August 27, 2007

The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

In these days of catchy hybrid names like "Brangelina" and "Bennifer" there's a new kid in town; the pluot. I brought some back to the office today for lunch. I picked them out myself and when I walked through the door with them my coworker said,
"What is it?"
I said, "It's a pluot."

She said, "What?"

I said, "A pluot, it's fruit."

She said, "Are you speaking French to me?"

I said, "No, it's a pluot. It's a mix between a plumb and an apricot and I've heard they're really good. Try it."

We ate them and it's true that they are good but I don't see anything special. They just taste like red plumbs. I really see no difference except the inside is a pretty red that fades to yellow. The pluot's only advantage that I can see is that it's more aesthetically pleasing than a plumb. It was kind of a disappointment because a plumb would've cost a lot less.


  1. Hardy har har, I love the title of this blog. But I have to respectfully disagree with you on the content, pluot are highly superior to plums, and so the cost is justified, your palate must be burned out from all the fast food you eat, so take my word for it...pluots rule!

  2. I'm not convinced that "PLUOT" Is the best name... but then again, these are two difficult words to blend:

    Plapricot (that's my favorite)
    Papricot (sounds like a procedure)
    Pluricot (sounds like a political party)
    Aprum (now THIS sounds likea fruit)
    Aprilum (ligament? Joint?)
    aplucot (I like this too, although Plapricot is much more fun to say)

  3. Man, I could go for a pluot right about now...

  4. hey, Tiecen. I seem to have lost contact with you! This is Jonathan V. I tried to call you and the number has been disconnected! Email me your new number if you can. Btw, pluot sounds so gross! :)