Friday, September 07, 2007

My Update

Just when you think it can't get any worse.... just days before my husband was ready to go back to work part time, his service truck with all of his tools on it was stolen from in front of our house... the day before we were set to move out. We went out in the morning to load up and get the hell out of Dodge and the truck was just gone, along with Gabe's livelihood. The Sheriff found it last night a couple cities over but it was just the cab and chassis, the utility bed and tools were gone. The good news is that we had it all insured for the most part so we just have to wait for all that to pay out and he can start getting set up again. And the fact that Gabe is even kind of ready to go back to work after his burns is a real blessing. It could be worse but it puts him out of work for at least a couple more weeks and I just went part time at my job so I could handle my very heavy class load.

The good news is we're getting settled into our new house. It's REALLY tiny but it's right by the water (like 20 yards away). We should be able to live comfortably there until we have a baby; then we'll have to find something else but hopefully we'll be able to buy a place by then. The bad news is I can't post any pictures of it because my camera broke. Hopefully the insurance will give us enough money that we can squeeze out a used kayak off the top so we can row around the harbor where we live. We're going to get a doggie life jacket so Lexi can come with us. Free entertainment! It could be worse and it'll get better...


  1. I'm sorry that you are having such a sucktastic time. I miss you and I am glad that Gabe is doing better. I thought you were gonna say something happened to Lexi and I would've seriously cried.

  2. Man, what's going on over there? You guys are having seriously hard times. It's one of those trial periods. And you know what they say about trial periods...

  3. I love the picture! Next time see if you can't get Lexi to smile more. Bless your heart, and bless Gabe's legs. This is truly the refiner's fire, and Tie, you shine. You are made of pure gold. Good for you for looking ahead, finding good in every challenge, gaining faith in every footstep. That's what life's all about. If you do get a kayak, I might be tempted to come give it a try!