Monday, October 29, 2007

West Coast Sunrise

I live out on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean which curves around and gives me an eastward facing view of the sunrise. This morning it was particularly breathtaking. Any of my California peeps who are missing the sunrise, come to my house at about 6:30 in the morning:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bird Dog

My Dog, Lexi has always loved swimming but lately she's picked up an interesting new sport; bird hunting. The problem is that she's not a bird dog so she has no instinct for it and she's getting pretty old. She loves to chase after the seagulls that are peacefully floating in the harbor. She swims right up to them but, as she approaches, they lazily take flight and land again, 10 yards away. She follows them and this process continues until she is clear across the harbor. She's no spring chicken and she has arthritis now so I worry that she'll go too far and not make it back. To remedy this problem and allow her to keep swimming (which is very good for arthritis), I bought her a doggie life jacket.
She was confused about what to do with it at first but I showed her a duck out on the water and she took off after it. She swam around quite happily for a long time and, when I called her back, she made it all the way to shore with seemingly little effort. She even picked up a styrofoam cup that was floating on the water and brought it to me so I could throw it away. She's concerned about the environment! She's so cute!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Pics

My coworker took these pictures from her home. I live by the coast so I'm not in any danger but where my office is located in East County, a lot of neightborhoods are being evacuated. I've been calling customers all day, every day to make sure they're ready to go. I've been so impressed and proud of my city for the willingness of everyone to help their neighbors. This really is a great city. 60,000 people are staying at Qualcomm stadium right now and there is no stealing, no fighting, no rape. On the news this morning they said there are officially more volunteers than evacuees. With over 300,000 people evacuated that means there are a lot of volunteers. I love San Diego! God bless us.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire in the Hills

San Diego's on fire again and it's a really bad one. Just an update for my friends, we're just fine. We have some freinds staying with us who were evacuated but the fire's not near us. Plus, we can just head out in the kayak if it gets too close.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Weight Loss Propaganda

I have a pet peeve that is becoming increasingly more annoying to me. It is women who feel like they have to look like a Jr. High student in order to be attractive. I don't think it's good to be fat and we have to take care of our bodies but a woman should look like a woman. All these movie stars with their sternums sticking out are such a strange ideal to me. In previous generations, a healthy woman was a sign of fertility and therefore attractive. Makes sense from a primitive standpoint, right? So, it seems very unnatural to me that the new standard for beauty is one that would preclude many women from being able to have children because of their lack of nourishment. When I'm at school, there are girls running around in skirts that are so short that their butt cheeks should be hanging out, but they're not, because these girls have no butt cheeks. I'm serious! Then, today, the straw that broke the camel's back:

I was reading a health article on Yahoo! that was suggesting drinking water only (no soda or protein shakes) as a way to cut calories and therefore lose weight. There were a myriad of comments from readers who were agreeing that this was a good way to lose weight. One woman's comment really struck me as yucky, "Gabreille is exactly right on! I've always been fit - and slim. In my late 40's I noticed I was putting on a little weight and that was NOT okay with me. I was exercising and eating well. I cut out soda - and lost 10 I'm back to weighing what I did in the 8th grade! Smart thing to do - easy and effective!" WHAT??!! What WOMAN should weigh as much as a 14 year old? They don't even have breasts yet!!! Why are we striving for this?? And starving for this?? Why am I feeling pressured to fit into my jeans from Jr. High? Whatever happened to the goal of "Getting back to my wedding weight?" It has been replaced with the goal of, "Getting back to my pre-pubescent weight." I tell you one thing; I am not on board. I will not be brainwashed! When women come to their senses and realize how unhealthy this attitude is, I'll be ahead of the game. I'll be the hotty in town with my curvy bum and double D's. Then they will be publishing health articles with revolutionary ideas like eating 3 meals a day.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Apathy

On days when I don't have school, I try to go for a long walk in the morning to get some exercise. I usually go about 3 1/2 miles and it takes me about 50 minutes. Gabe has been going with me the past couple of weeks because he's not back to work full time and he's trying to build his strength back up. Last week, we were walking out by the harbor, past a boat repair shop. There is a half wall that surrounds the parking lot there. As we were about to cross the driveway, a man in a pickup truck turned left in front of us into the driveway and into a parking spot right next to the wall. We heard someone start shouting, "Ouch! Ouch! Oh my God!!" and we realized that the man in th pickup truck had run over the legs of a homeless man sleeping right next to the wall. We ran over to see if he was okay. It was all very shocking but what was even more disturbing was the reaction of these two men and the bystanders in the aftermath of the accident.

First, the man in the pickup truck: He didn't realize that he had hit the homeless man and was only alerted that there was a problem when he saw us running over. He got out of the truck and grumpily said, "What's going on?" We told him what had happened and pointed to the man still calling out on the ground. The first words out of his mouth were, "Well, that's not my fault. People aren't suppose to sleep there." He didn't say, "Is he okay?" or "Call 911." He instantly started trying to cover his own ass. He didn't show the least bit of sympathy or concern.

Second, the homeless man: After the truck ran over him, he cried out for a minute and attempted to sit up. He seemed really disoriented. He was clearly not capable of caring for himself because he was dirty, skinny and had dried pee all over himself. As he came to some level of consciousness and realized that there were about 6 people standing around watching him, he quieted down and gained some composure. He said, "Does anyone have a cigarette?" We all answered no and he said, "Does anyone have a dollar?" We all answered no again. He laid down and went back to sleep.

Third, the reaction of the crowd, including Gabe and I: With the exception of the man who actually ran over the homeless man, Gabe, myself and another, older couple who had been walking by were very concerned. We all crowded in close to this man and tried to find out if he was okay. But, no one, including myslef, made any move to touch him. I didn't even consider lifting up his pant leg to look at his ankle until Gabe and I talked about the incident later. And, once he began asking for money and smokes, we all quickly dispersed and went on about our day. Later, Gabe said that we should have called the ambulance but it seriously didn't even cross my mind until a couple hours after we got home.

I think this all goes to show how apathetic people in my city have become towards homeless people. The homeless themselves seem largely like empty, shells of people existing only to get one more cigarette. The people in the city seem to have retreated from aid and just try to look the other way whenever possible. I could try to redeem myself by listing all the times Gabe or I have given these people money or bought their dinner when they were standing outside a restaraunt we were going into. But that's not the point since, obviously, our sympathy has a limit. It seems like I didn't really see this man as a person, but as half a person. I would've reacted much differently if the person who had been hit had been a clean, familiar member of my community. I would've helped him up and made sure he could walk. I would've called 911 or given him a ride to the hospital or home in my car. But when I saw the condition of the man who had been hit, it's like I automatically downgraded the seriousness of the situation. Isn't that so sad?