Friday, October 26, 2007

Bird Dog

My Dog, Lexi has always loved swimming but lately she's picked up an interesting new sport; bird hunting. The problem is that she's not a bird dog so she has no instinct for it and she's getting pretty old. She loves to chase after the seagulls that are peacefully floating in the harbor. She swims right up to them but, as she approaches, they lazily take flight and land again, 10 yards away. She follows them and this process continues until she is clear across the harbor. She's no spring chicken and she has arthritis now so I worry that she'll go too far and not make it back. To remedy this problem and allow her to keep swimming (which is very good for arthritis), I bought her a doggie life jacket.
She was confused about what to do with it at first but I showed her a duck out on the water and she took off after it. She swam around quite happily for a long time and, when I called her back, she made it all the way to shore with seemingly little effort. She even picked up a styrofoam cup that was floating on the water and brought it to me so I could throw it away. She's concerned about the environment! She's so cute!

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  1. I love her! please post more pictures of your dog :) they make me happy!