Friday, October 19, 2007

Weight Loss Propaganda

I have a pet peeve that is becoming increasingly more annoying to me. It is women who feel like they have to look like a Jr. High student in order to be attractive. I don't think it's good to be fat and we have to take care of our bodies but a woman should look like a woman. All these movie stars with their sternums sticking out are such a strange ideal to me. In previous generations, a healthy woman was a sign of fertility and therefore attractive. Makes sense from a primitive standpoint, right? So, it seems very unnatural to me that the new standard for beauty is one that would preclude many women from being able to have children because of their lack of nourishment. When I'm at school, there are girls running around in skirts that are so short that their butt cheeks should be hanging out, but they're not, because these girls have no butt cheeks. I'm serious! Then, today, the straw that broke the camel's back:

I was reading a health article on Yahoo! that was suggesting drinking water only (no soda or protein shakes) as a way to cut calories and therefore lose weight. There were a myriad of comments from readers who were agreeing that this was a good way to lose weight. One woman's comment really struck me as yucky, "Gabreille is exactly right on! I've always been fit - and slim. In my late 40's I noticed I was putting on a little weight and that was NOT okay with me. I was exercising and eating well. I cut out soda - and lost 10 I'm back to weighing what I did in the 8th grade! Smart thing to do - easy and effective!" WHAT??!! What WOMAN should weigh as much as a 14 year old? They don't even have breasts yet!!! Why are we striving for this?? And starving for this?? Why am I feeling pressured to fit into my jeans from Jr. High? Whatever happened to the goal of "Getting back to my wedding weight?" It has been replaced with the goal of, "Getting back to my pre-pubescent weight." I tell you one thing; I am not on board. I will not be brainwashed! When women come to their senses and realize how unhealthy this attitude is, I'll be ahead of the game. I'll be the hotty in town with my curvy bum and double D's. Then they will be publishing health articles with revolutionary ideas like eating 3 meals a day.


  1. You said it sistah! You are totally right on the mark.

  2. I totally agree with you!!