Monday, February 19, 2007

Better Board

I got a new surfboard this weekend. I've been having a hard time with the last one because it was too long and I couldn't get it turned around in time to catch the waves. It kept flipping me over and I was getting beat up by my board. We found a really big surfboard sale in Oceanside this weekend so we picked up this board for me. It's a little shorter and it's very pretty. Gabe's going to ride the longer one now. I'm don't have time to go surfing right now but as soon as I get back from my honeymoon it's on. I think I'll have my mom and dad bring it with them to pick us up from the boat in LA and we can stop and surf on the way home. I'm still a terrible surfer so I'll try to get some good wipe out pictures and post them in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dispelling Myths and Providing Facts

Mark brought up an interesting point when he commented on my blog yesterday. He and his wife were trying to guess how to pronounce my name and they were both wrong. It occured to me that I talk to some of you pretty regularly and I read all these things about your lives, I feel as though I know you and that you're my friends. It's not right that my friends don't even know how to say my name. In this post, I will provide some pertinent information about me that may have been left out previously so you might get to know me better.
1. My name is spelled Tiecen but pronounced Tyson. My mother named me Tyson but wanted it to look more feminine and came up with Tiecen. I know, I know, all of you are saying one of two things, "Tyson, like the boxer," or "Tyson, like the chicken." But it's Tiecen, like the girl who does not like boxing but does like chicken. No one who is close to me calls me Tiecen as I have a muiriad of nick-names; Edwina, Eddy, Tiecee... I could go on and on. Most people call me Tie.
2. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, more commomly known as Mormon. I am not perfect but I'm fairly devout and I try to do my best. We are not polygamists. There are people who broke away from the church that practice polygamy but actual LDS members do not. We are Christian. We believe in Christ and our gospel is based entriely around him. You can't read even one page of The Book of Mormon and not find his teachings there. It coincides very closely with the Bible and we study and follow both books. I am also open to the teachings of other religions and have found truth there too. Bhuddism is my second favorite religion and I love the ideas of Kharma and transcendance. I love having friends of all different religions so we can trade ideas and beliefs. San Diego is a great place for that because everyone here is so different.
3. I am a Literature major in college and I will graduate in about a year. I don't know what I will do with that degree but I'm looking at teaching. I love to learn and I'm sure I'll attend some kind of school for the rest of my life. I have a true thirst for knowledge that I can never seem to satisfy. It's wonderful. I'm actually considering opening a pre-school and I'm excited about that right now. I'm known for changing my mind as far as school and career goes though so we'll see how it pans out.
4. I am 26 years old and I'm very happy. I can never be sad for too long, it's just not natural for me. My main goals in life center around having a family and being a good wife and mother. I love my family very much and I'm very close to them. Maintaining those relationships and the relationship I have with my soon-to-be husband (two weeks!!!) are the most important things to me and everything else is secondary. I am blessed with great friends that help me keep these goals and priorities in line.
5. I love animals and especially my dog way more than is reasonably healthy. I think of animals as people and I always have. I definitely attatch human emotions to them and I even worry sometimes if I think I've hurt the dog's feelings. Needless to say, Sea World is one of my favorite places.
I think those are the main components of me. That's the important information anyway. I've definitley had fun blogging and I've loved getting to know different kinds of people.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Global Warming??

Global warming is the talk of all the news nowadays and I, being somewhat of an environmentalist, am kind of worried. I heard on the radio yesterday that "they" ( I don't know who "they" are) have come to a unanamous agreement that global warming is real, that it's caused 90% by humans and that even if we changed our habits now, the problem would continue to worsen over the next 100 years before it will get better. I'm a little worried because it's been really cold here lately and they say it's because the cold water running off the polar caps melting is causing colder weather here. Is San Diego going to become more like Alaska? Is the sea going to swell and swallow up my town altogether? Is my apartment going to flood one day while I'm at the office and sweep my doggie into the ocean? I know I just sound paranoid but this problem really does have an impact on my decisions in the very near future: We are hoping to buy a house here within the next year and now I don't think we should. It seems really risky because if we buy the house now when the market is really expensive and San Diego turns into a winter wonderland, our property will depreciate and I won't be able to afford to sell and move elsewhere. We'll be stuck here when California finally falls off into the ocean!!!!
On the other hand, we can't really afford to quit our jobs and start all over in the midwest right now so we have to stay. Should we continue to waste our money by paying an enormous amount of rent rather than buying just to avoid this risk? I just don't know. Gabe says we should just buy a house here because all of this will take a long time to have any real affect on us, but it's already a lot colder this year than last year.... If Nebraska's going to be a tropical paradise in 20 years, I want to get in on that action now.
I'm a very good swimmer but the Pacific Ocean is very cold. It's not realistic for me to walk around wearing my wet suit all day just in case we fall into the ocean. Those things are REALLY hot when you're not in the water. I would just carry it with me in my car everywhere just in case but the neoprene gets ruined if you mistreat it and it wouldn't keep me warm anymore. Gabe doesn't even have a wet suit. Also, I' not sure how long I could survive with me, Gabe and Lexi all floating along on my surf board. It's big but it would be crowded on a long term scale.
I'm done venting now and I'm not really that paranoid. I just added dramatic effect for the sake of a more interesting read. Don't be surprised if we move to Vegas or Phoenix though. It's been snowing there this winter anyway so maybe it won't be too hot in the summer anymore.