Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I took a trip to Utah the last week in November and there was a nice winter storm in at the time. It was so nice to see the snow and wear all my winter clothes. It was especially nice to know that in a few short days, I would be returning the the comfort of San Diego. It is winter time here too but that means temperatures as low as 40, not 14. It's kind of weird posting these pictures when we just had a sunny, 70 degree day here. These are photos I took up at Sundance ski resort, which is in the town where I grew up. I'm cold just looking at them.


  1. Awww, your pictures make me miss Utah. It doesn't snow in Manchester, just lots and lots of rain.

    I completely understand you not feeling up to blogging or doing ANYTHING you don't have to.

    I Love the picture, it's way better than the first one we ever got of Zoe. Ours was further away and Zoe was a teeny tiny little spot. I was kinda bummed, but we got a better one later.

    Yes, I pretty much expected my dad to be waiting with his guns out. I don't know if we've ever told you this, but Brent says he got along with my dad so well right off the bat because he reminded him so much of your dad!

  2. It's definitely Snowing for TWO!!!

  3. Hey...congrats on the pregnancy..that is so's been awhile since we've time you come to Utah -we will have to get together! By the way we are still getting dumped on with snow...I am definetely ready for spring :) It's fun to see how you are doing! I started a blog's

  4. ooopppss..the actual blog sight is :)