Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby For Our Baby

With all the recent talk about our impending bundle of joy, I've neglected to showcase our other new baby- an 8 month old Boxer named Fritz. I named him that because Boxers are German and, believe me, he's on the fritz. He is the cutest little guy EVER!!! True to puppy from, he's a real handful and Gabe hates him. He wants me to give him away but he's a really good dog so I just implore him for patience. We adopted him from poor living conditions and he's just trying to get up to speed. The previous owners were not up to the puppy task and had kept him in his kennel constantly since they brought him home at 8 weeks. They even let him potty in there which poses a problem for me because kennel training is my preferred puppy-breaking method. He's really doing great. It was so funny because Gabe said, "I didn't know puppies were so much work!" It was at this moment that I became doubly determined to keep the dog. I think it will be good practice for him for the human baby. Still, if anyone has some stellar Boxer training tips, I would appreciate it. Isn't that top picture cute!!!? You can see how gray Lexi has gotten; her face use to be black. Sweet old girl!


  1. Fritz is so sweet! congrats on keeping your old pup young!!!!! Best of luck with the potty training. Check out the blog - I was given the gift of a puppy yesterday - as it turns out - she's pretty well potty trained... which is so very, very cool. Sofarsogood!

  2. Oh - and I LOVE the name you chose! Beautiful!

  3. Fraulein, are you nuts (that's german for "taken a complete leave of your senses?) You do too much already, and now Fritz! I have seen your apartment, where do you put him and your husband...there isn't even space. You are too kindhearted. I'm with Gabe on this one, keep Lex but Fritz is kaput! (or I'm just your old aunt who thinks you work too hard)