Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Dead

Wow! I haven't posted for a long time!!! I have had way to much craziness lately. (New baby, husband laid off, post-baby surgery etc) but I'm back in action. I have some zoo pics and stuff I want to post but it's too late tonight. For now, here are some pictures of the baby to tide you over. I know that's what most of you want to see anyway... I have had a great outcry from my UT peeps demanding that I bring the baby for a visit but the problem is that staying home to take care of her (which I love!) has rendered me poverty stricken. I can't afford to travel so you will have to come to me. I have the beach anyway.


  1. Oh she is so adorable!!

    Sorry to hear about all the craziness for you guys...hopefully things get quieter now.

  2. Tiecen! I miss you! I spoke with Kam this morning and she was giving me an update on you. She told me to check out your blog. Your little girl is so cute! Seriously, what a beautiful girl. You look great too. Kam said you may be looking for jobs in Utah? That would be great to be close again. Anywho, drop me a line sometime.