Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Some pics of me and Livvy at Sunset Cliffs:

We've been doing some landscaping and we have a big mound of dirt in the back yard. Our dogs have been playing "King of the Mountain." Lexi still kicks Fritz's butt even though she's getting old and he's bigger than her:


  1. You look fantastic, Olivia is beautiful - Gabe looks great too - sorry to hear about the laid off part - keep us posted, and we'll say prayers.


  2. Husband laid off? Post baby surgery? Is everything okay? Thanks for the pictures we LOVE pictures!

  3. Hey Happy Birthday. I don't know your current e-mail address, so this is how I'm telling you. So when you read this 2 weeks from now know that Logan wished you happy birthday on your birthday.

  4. (Just so you know, I did post that above comment on the day I believed to be Nov. 23rd. So I do know.