Friday, April 25, 2008

The Wrath of Jen Jen

I thought I'd better post because I don't want Jen to get mad at me. I know I'm a big blogging slacker, and I know it's no excuse but, I'm tired ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I can barely keep my eyes open on the drive home from school. The good news is I graduate in 3 weeks (yea!!!)and that will ease up my schedule so I can blog with reckless abandon for a couple weeks until the baby's born. (yea!!!)

The other reason I'm behind on blogging is that nothing interesting ever happens to me anymore now that I never leave the house except to go to class. I do have some weird dreams though so maybe I should start blogging about those. Also, my hormones or something has caused my temper to be short so I'm irritated comparatively often. I guess I could lodge complaints here about the injustuces done to me in traffic and at the grocery store, but I don't want to bring you down. Then everyone would be all grumpy when I return to my normal, sunny dispostion after this kid comes out.

The last blogging option is for me to start posting pictures of all the baby stuff I've been accumulating but I have a feeling the rest of the world might not find tiny hats as entertaining as I do. So... I'll wrack my brain and try to come up with something contributory to post on. I welcome any suggestions. I'll post again this week, even if it has to be another one about the doggies.