Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Things

Kell tagged me for a 25 things about me post so, here it is:

1. I'm super clumsy. I fall down way more than most grown-ups do.

2. I want to do a pretty background for my blog but I don't know how. Every time I ask someone how, they say, "Just type it in the html," but I don't know what that means so, my blog's still pink.

3. Just when I start to think I'm a good writer, I read something someone else has written (Arlene) and remember that I suck. How then, can I account for all the "A"s in my lit classes?

4. I love my hair. That's interesting because most women hate their hair.

5. I have 2 bad dogs but I don't care that they're bad because I love them so much. I think the reason they're so bad is because I love them so much.

6. I can't chew spearmint gum because it makes me feel car sick, even if I'm not in the car.

7. I made a huge thing of pasta fagioli soup for dinner. It's in the crock pot right now and the smell of it is making me so hungry!!

8. I am mother to the cutest baby in the world. I'm not kidding.

9. I think that divorce will be the ruin of modern civilization, which is ironic because I'm divorced.

10. I really miss having a purse since I started the whole diaper bag chapter of my life. Purses are so much cuter.

11. The previous item and the fact that I have about a dozen really close girlfriends is surprising since I was such a tomboy growing up.

12. I feel homeless since my parents split up and I don't think the feeling will ever go away. Sometimes I feel silly for feeling that way when I'm an adult with my own husband and child.

13. I don't like pepper because it gets stuck in my teeth and burns my tongue.

14. My baby can say "Mama" but she only does it when she's sad and wants me to help her. I think I'm flattered by that.

15. I paint my own toenails because going to the salon and having those tiny Asian women do it makes me feel fat. Every time I relax my legs their little stool on wheels scoots a little and that's not my idea of a relaxing time. I'm pretty good at it and lots of other average sized women now have me paint theirs so they don't have to suffer the indignaty off the scooting stools.

16. I can pick things up off the floor with my toes.

17. I like to paint with watercolors.

18. I drive between 20k and 30k miles per year. That's a lot!!

19. I'm getting really tired of writing about myself.

20. I like being outside more than inside. Olivia does too and I get a kick out of that.

21. I love a good conspiracy theory. ie: The shooter on the grassy knoll, We never walked on the moon etc.

22. I'm afraid of the desert. It's so desolate and quiet. Creepy! One time, I was driving back from AZ at like 2 in the morning and this big Ford truck pulled up behind me and started weaving back and forth on the road like it was trying to force me off. I was freaked out when all of the sudden they turned out their lights. I looked in my rear view and could see them back there without their lights on but when I turned around to look out the back window, they were gone... disappeared. Creepy! And no, they didn't veer off the road, there was no time for that. They seriously just vanished. The desert got them.

23. My favorite food is ice cream.

24. I wish I lived closer to my sister so we could stay up late and play Taboo.

25. I'm a Sagittarius.


  1. As a co-sagitarius, I salute your desert story and desire for purses. Thanks for playing.

  2. There's a website called "The Cutest Blog on the Block" where you can make your blog "cute" for free :)