Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

We celebrated our second anniversary this week. We're too poor to do anything as spectacular as last year, but we still had a great time together. We had some free zoo passes so Gabe, Livvy and I headed out for a whole day at the world famous San Diego Zoo. It was so fun to spend the day together and Livvy really loved seeing all the animals. This was her thrid time at the zoo but the first time she seemed to really understand what was going on there. She laughed out loud at many of the animals and drew as big a crowd of loving fans with her gleeful squeals as the animals did. Here are some pics of our fun day:
This orangutan sat by the window and showed onlookers how he could rub dirt into his fur. Olivia put her hand on the glass and he made a kissy face at her!

This is the silver back in the gorilla group and the youngest baby there:

Livvy had fun spending most of the day out of her stroller, hangin with Daddy:


  1. How fun! We have free passes to the zoo as well - we're going to go on Saturday. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I love the zoo in Philly... I'm a fan of the penguins.

  3. We used to always take Rach to the Saint Louis was free! Good times. Thanks for sharing, now get your cute little family out here and let me kiss that baby!!!!