Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Amendment

I saw a clip on Yahoo! this morning that made me kinda mad. They were saying that the reason Miss California didn't win the Miss America pageant was because, when asked if she thought gay marriage should be legal in our country, she said, "no." First of all, why ask her a question and then criticize her for her answer. If they don't want to know how she feels about gay marriage, don't ask her. Second of all, when did being an advocate of gay marriage become a requirement for being Miss America or even for being a good person. I have my own feelings on gay marriage that fall somewhere in the middle of condoning and condemning it so I can't state my own opinion on it but the whole issue is really starting to irk me. The pro-gay marriage community has every right under the first amendment to state their opinion and to lobby for their cause. Good for them for putting the democratic machine to work and trying to make a difference instead of just sitting around and complaining without trying change anything. However, the anti-gay marriage community has just as much of a right to state their opinion and lobby for their cause. Democracy is about peacefully moderating opposition and getting the voice of the people heard without persecution of EITHER side. Miss California has a right to her opinion every bit as much as Perez Hilton does and I'm proud of her for being brave enough to tell the truth about how she really feels on national TV. Finally, let's not forget that even though the media would have you believe differently, Miss California's opinion is not even an unpopular one; Prop 8 banned gay marriage in California by popular vote. That means that democracy did it's job and protected the rights of the majority vote.


  1. Well put. I hadn't heard that. Come camping with us any time!

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  3. Well said's definetely a controversial topic especially in California right now huh?!