Wednesday, February 03, 2010

See the Sights

The mainland side of the riverfront is definitely the nicest part of town here and we live just a few blocks away. the park we like to take Livvy to is down there and I took some pictures the other day to show you how different things are here. The park is separated from the parking lot by a little swampy area and you have to walk across a bridge to get there. The park also has it's own dock and boat ramp, along with several piers you can walk out onto and check out the river.

The plantation style homes along the riverfront are AMAZING!! It was hard to get good pictures, though because there are so many trees.

One house had a manatee mailbox:

Many of the homes have their own private dock and they line the river bank:


  1. Those houses are amazing. I would love to look at houses and wonder what is inside. I LOVE LOVE the white one with the green roof and porch all around it.

  2. Hey I didn't realize you were posting again. Your videos arent working though (very disappointing). I love your poetic post about the contrasting coasts. I read it outloud to Brent. It's lovely. But West Coast still wins;) No, I'm just being disagreeable to be disagreeable. Actually, no, I'm disagreeing because I miss Cali. I've lived more of my life in Utah, but a part of me is still connected to California and I always find myself missing it when I'm away for too long. I think one of the things I love and miss about California is that the beach is not just the beach or a vacation destination. It seems more like the beach encompasses an entire culture. It also, of course, is included in some of my fondest memories. But I absolutely loved your comparison between a tea party and a police raid! Awesome. I'm so glad you're having fun exploring. When you mentioned Ormond beach that sounded terribly familiar. I think I've been there.

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Awesome, Glad to hear you are all doing well. Wishing you the best!