Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tell Me About Bees

I'm not sure why but Olivia loves bees. This was all well and fine in the winter time, when her only exposure to them was in the story books I read to her, but we developed a little problem when spring hit. They were everywhere in our yard and Livvy was sure she wanted to pick one up. She would chase them down with a youthful zeal and I just knew she was going to get stung. I had a long talk with her about bees and how, while they're pretty to look at, they can be "ouchies" if you touch them. I wasn't sure it had sunken in until the conversation we had later that day over dinner:

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  1. That is just as cute as her telling the story about the doggy sleeping....You are very blessed Tie...she is a great, sweet little girl.