Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Leaves They are a-Changin'

I haven't posted forever!!! I'm sure no one reads this anymore. So, what's new? I am officially done in FL and I've never been so excited to leave a place in my life. I made some really good friends there but it's just soooooo hot and there are so many bugs. I seriously don't know what crazy human beings ever thought it would be a good idea to settle there. It's not. It's a bad idea. The sad thing is that Gabe is still out there finishing school. I miss him like crazy but he'll be here in 2 weeks and then we'll get our life back. We're not sure where we're moving to yet because we have a few offers to choose from. I'll post about that as soon as I know for sure.

Here are some fun pictures of what Livvy and I have been doing in UT: