Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out Like a Light

We got Olivia a "big girl bed" because she is just too tall for her toddler bed. It is a loft bed and she LOVES it! I have faced a few challenges as the height of the bed and my enormous belly prevent me from getting a perfect view of the top without some discomfort. Just a minute ago, I went in to check on Livs while she was napping and discovered her missing. I freaked out for a minute as I realized she was definitely nowhere else in the house. My last shred of remaining logic forced me to go check the bed one more time. Imagine my relief when I heaved my myself up the ladder and saw a lone ponytail peeking out from behind the pillows at the back of the bed. She had nestled in back there and was fast asleep, just out of view from the ground. I was so relived to learn that I won't have to kill anyone today, i.e: kidnappers.

She does lots of funny things in her sleep. Here are some cute bedtime pics:

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  1. Aw, what a sweet little angel. I love looking at cute sleeping pics!