Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss Austen

During the Winter months, I am much inclined toward the literature of Miss Jane Austen, as her great appreciation for the seasons in all their kinds and her apt recollection of a wintertime hearth do much to raise my spirits, and leave me feeling particularly festive at Christmastime. It is for this cause that I have made in the past, and gladly continue the tradition of partaking of these literary expenditures during the holidays. I furthermore look forward to imparting said traditions to my offspring upon their coming of age to aptly appreciate such narration.

At present, I am reading her much loved fictional account of Miss Woodhouse in Emma. I find the social commentary therein much to my liking as it provides me a detailed glimpse into the society of the time, including all its nuances and boundaries. I am finding even further enjoyment as this is my fourth or fifth reading of the work and I find my own humour satisfied and heightened even more due to my knowing the outcome of such complicated sensibilities between characters before they themselves have quite deduced the conclusion.

In closing, I am fully aware that my commentary on Miss Austen in the style and theme that I have presented it exposes me to my peers as the most insufferable dolt, but I find myself quite unable to resist, possibly owing to the air of the season or the time of night. I pray, dear observers, shrink from all criticism and but wish me a Merry Christmas in the stead thereof.