Saturday, March 24, 2012


I think, for the next few posts, I'll put up some random stuff from my writing journals.  I carry a notebook around with me and write down ideas and stuff when they come to me.  Some of it makes it into poems, stories or articles but a lot of it never gets out of the notebook.  I have hundreds of little snippets littering my journals like a cutting room floor.  I have fun looking back over some of the things that crossed my mind, and maybe you will too.  Here's a poem:


Am I a song?
     Chorus and verse connected
     Memory interjected

Am I a riddle?
     A misunderstanding
     An answer demanding

Am I a poem?
     Moving in rhythm
     Intimacy given

Am I prose?
     A noun, adjective, verb
     The common man's word

Am I a speech?
     Politics, promises, first impressions
     Carefully guarded intentions

Am I a lesson?
     Knowledge to impart
     Academic heart

Am I a lecture?
     Reprimand for mistakes
     Advice I didn't take

Am I an advertisement
     A pretty package
     A billboard in traffic

Am I a ballad?
     A recurrent refrain
     An oft spoken name

Am I a eulogy?
     A life celebrated
     Goodness exaggerated

Am I an article?
     A source of expertise
     Informative and brief

Am I a story?
     Innocent and mild
     Comforting a child

Am I a novel?
     A predetermined plot
     Complete with epilogue

Am I a diary?
     Casually introspective
     Privately self-reflective

Am I a sonnet?
     A sigh of delight
     A murmur of night

Am I an announcement?
     A rooftop confession
     A public obsession

Am I a cliche?
     Lost originality
     Trite commonality

Am I a definition?
     A resolved concept
     Creatively inept

Am I a sermon?
     A basic truth
     Belief without proof

I am speaking
     Optimism and rage
     Words on a page

Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You on My Mind

Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary (5 years married, not 5 weddings) and, at the risk of being overly sappy, I'd like to utilize this post as a little public service announcement to my husband:

Happy anniversary, Gabe!  I love you more today than I did when we got married.  Watching you grow as a husband has made me very proud of you and watching you become an exceptional father has convinced me that you're my soul mate.  You never hesitate to do whatever you need to do to meet the needs of your family, even at the expense of meeting your own needs.  Your little girls adore you and I know you feel the same way about them.  You make me feel like I'm beautiful and smart and special and I know that I must be to deserve a wonderful man like you by my side.  I'm grateful for every minute we have together and I miss you every second we're apart.  Here's to the 5 years we've had, to the 50 more I'm hoping for and to all of eternity after that.  Thanks for the babies!!!