Saturday, June 28, 2014

For the Love of Pete!!!

The past several months have been over-the-top trying for me in terms of my patience and sense of peace. My husband has been grounded with a persistent injury, single parenting is apparently not really my thing, and my house looks like a group of Bohemian circus performers have just staged a tour in my living room most of the time. This situation, coupled with a few other areas of life that just feel generally off have had me randomly firing off my favorite expletive, "For the love of PETE!" at random intervals.

Who is this Pete, and why does our love for him rank so high on our sacred things meter? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can tell you one thing: Breathing out this single phrase releases some steam off of my internal pressure cooker better than the F--- word does for my favorite mechanic. I find the phrase to be extremely versatile as well. Here are some of the ways you might hear, "For the love of Pete!" being used around my house:

FOR…THE…LOVE…OF…PETE…: Say it slowly, emphasizing every word. By the time I get to the PETE, all eyes are on me. They know stuff's about to hit the fan.

For the Love of- OKAY! : When one of the kids keep asking me for something, and I keep saying no, this is the version that rolls off my tongue right before I finally give in.

Ohfortheloveofpete: This is my favorite one. I mutter it quietly under my breath as I keep pushing forward through whatever is frustrating me. It gives me a second wind.

*Long Sigh* For the Love!: Eyes pointed heavenward, I begin bargaining with Pete. This one comes in handy when I stumble upon a situation that is completely beyond my control, but that I must deal with, because no one else is going to. Water rushing into the house through the drain in the laundry room? *Exhale dramatically*, place fingers on temples and exclaim, "For the love!" Then, get to work.

For the FREAKIN' Love!: Lately I feel like I'm running around in circles, trying to put fires out as I'm burned alive. Every time I bump my head on the bar trying to put the pots and pans away, every time something goes wrong with my computer the day of a deadline, every time the kids pull out a stack of beach towels and put it in the bathtub with them, I have a sort of out of body experience, where I float through the air, looking down on myself exclaiming, "Oh, for the FREAKIN' love!"

Try it. You'll like it.

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